NZ METRO TC, Friday, September 14

J Scott The Inside Word

NZ METRO TC, Friday, September 14

Outside drive

Race 4: WAR MACHINE (3, Mark), mob. 2600m: “Tony Barron told me I hope I haven’t ruined your Friday night but I’ve put you down to drive War Machine! I drove the horse to run fifth in the 4 & 5YO Trotting Championship at Addington in March. He’s in a hard race but hopefully he’ll go good.”

Race 6: ROBYN’S GEM (6, Sheree Tomlinson), mob. 2600m: “A good race for her providing she does things right but take on trust.”

Race 8: IMMORTAL CHANGE (10, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1980m: “It was good to get a win with her last week, so she’ll keep going for a Met Multiplier bonus (five starts to go). She’s up slightly in grade this week so looking for luck from the draw.”