Addington leads way with breeders bonus

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Addington Raceway logoThe New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club (NZMTC) is delighted to announce a new breeders bonus scheme for members of the New Zealand Standardbred Breeders’ Association (NZSBA).

Breeders have long been asking for bonuses and we are pleased to be in the position to respond positively to this request. The NZSBA is a driving force for breeders accordingly the NZMTC decided to partner with them to reward their members efforts in breeding a winning racehorse.

The scheme which starts on 1st January 2014, is open to any member of the NZSBA who breeds the winner of a totalisator race at an NZMTC meeting, held at Addington Raceway. They will be eligible for a $500 bonus payment.

NZMTC Chairman David Rankin said: “It is hugely important we promote and incentivise the breeding of standardbred horses when we get the opportunity. Without breeding we will not have the horses to race, so we are showing our support in a tangible manner to provide breeders encouragement as we get closer to the new breeding season. We are thrilled to partner the NZSBA, who do so much to promote breeding and racing throughout the country, with this incentive.”

John Mooney, NZSBA Chairman added: “NZSBA is delighted with this new initiative to breeders. The NZMTC is to be congratulated for recognising the contribution of our members to harness racing. The $500 bonus is a significant sum. I am hoping that other clubs follow suit.”

“Linking the bonus to NZSBA membership is excellent. Last season almost 40% of races were won by members of NZSBA. This will encourage greater membership if the association.”

Full terms and conditions are available at or

Courtesy of Ged Mooar, Addington/Kiely Buttell, NZ Standardbred Breeders Assn