J Scott The Inside Word

AUCKLAND TC, Friday, April 21

Race 8: EYRE I COME (3, Brent Mangos), mob. 2200m: “Is racing good and Bernie is happy with him but its a good field.”

NZ METRO TC, Friday, April 21

Race 6: DELIGHTFUL MEMPHIS (4, Mark), mob. 1950m: “We can’t beat the All Stars fillies from the draw but a place chance. Its bloody stupid having a premier meeting at Auckland on the same night.”

Race 7: BELLE OF BROOKLYN (4, Samantha Ottley), 2000m std: “Hit wheel disks last week and broke. The stand start is a question this week but is good enough to place.”

Outside drive

Race 9: SWEET MARYLOU (12), 2600m std: “Outside place with luck from the
second row.”