J Scott The Inside Word

AUCKLAND TC, Thursday, September 3

Race 6: ZAKSPATROL (9, Michael Blakemore), mob. 2200m: “The draw may suit him if he doesn’t get pushed back too far.”

NZ METRO TC, Friday, September 4

Race 1: REKLAW SUPREME (4, Wayne Higgs) & FAIR DINKUM BROMAC (7, Kimberly Butt), mob, 1950m: “Both looking for luck. Reklaws Supreme will be the pick of the two but both are waiting for grass track racing to start.”

Race 2: STUOVER (4, Blair Orange), mob. 1950m: “Disappointing last week as I may have been too easy on him. He may be looking for a spell after Friday so take on trust.”

Race 6: EASTBURN MARA (2, Kimberly Butt), mob. 1950m: “Racing great but this is a big step up.”

Race 11: LOUIE FINN (1, Mark), mob. 1950m: “Will be in need of a run as better to go to the races for money than trials for nothing, but he is a winning show.”

Mark’s outside drives

Race 3: FRANCO TARIQ (9), mob. 1950m: “Had a run with Louie Finn at the Methven workouts last weekend but the draw makes it tough.”

Race 5: STONEY EYRE (7), mob. 2600m: “Battled here last start so will need to improve.”

Race 9: FRANCO HARRINGTON (6), mob. 1950m: “Racing good but will be a bit harder against Art Union.”