J Scott The Inside Word

AUCKLAND TC, Friday, April 29

Race 5: DELIGHTFUL MEMPHIS (11, Blair Orange), mob. 1700m: “Things didn’t quite work out last week when we couldn’t get the lead early on. Spanish Armada’s got to be the hardest after last week but we’re a chance with the right luck.”

NZ METRO TC, Friday, April 29

Race 6: REAL TORQUE (5, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1950m: “We’re only running for third with the top All Stars fillies drawn one and two. If we get third we’ll be happy.”

Race 7: FAIR DINKUM BROMAC (10, Laura McKay), 5, 10m, 2600m std:  “Looking for luck.”

ASHBURTON TC, Saturday, April 30

Race 2: AYMAR (14, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1609m: “Looking for luck from the draw over a mile.”

Race 9: KOWHAI MONARCH (18, Samantha Ottley), UR 1, 10m, 2400m std: “Racing solidly not easy off 10m in a big field. Hopefully, with a good start he’s a chance again.”