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Burnham trainer Mark Jones took home two purchases from the Australasian Classic Yearling Sale at Karaka on Monday, February 18, including a Christian Cullen close relative of former promising filly Glenferrie Magic.


Gmag rangHe secured Pommie Roy, a colt son from good producing mare T K Swift, for $53,000.


T K Swift (Holmes Hanover-Sly Patron), a sister to El Cabalero (1:54.4, US) and a half-sister to Slybye (24 wins), won once at two for Ian and Malcolm Shinn, but was also the runnerup in a Ladyship Stakes and third in a NZ Sires Stakes 3YO Fillies Final.


At stud she is the dam of six to race for four winners, including big USA winner Time Flies (1:52h, four NZ wins, 31 USA wins), the dam of Glenferrie Magic, who raced only three times at two for the Mark Jones stable, winning once in a 1:59.1 rate over 1700m, and placing in her other two starts before injury sidelined her career.


T K Swift is also the dam of another big North American winner in Ultimate Pursuit (38 USA wins, 1:51.6) and Noble Strike (1:56.8, two NZ wins, 15 USA wins).


Two of other filly foals have bred on _ Classic Counsel leaving useful Canterbury winner Floyd Mayweather, and Invigorate has left Royal Impression (three wins, racetimed in 1:54 when finishing second at Wyndham earlier this month).


Mark also offered $12,000 at Karaka to secure Falcon Seelster colt Cruz Bromac, a half-brother or brother to good Australian winners Churchill Bromac and Coltrane Bromac.


Cruz Bromac’s dam Crown Defender is an unraced Life Sign half-sister to fast pacer and now sire Attorney General (1:48.4, USA), and the big Australian winners Cromw Bromac and Cullen Bromac.

Sales details were:

1 Knead The Dough (b c Great Success-Hanover The Gold), passed $9000 (Res $10,000).    

2 Hasten Bromac (b C American Ideal-Happy Dreamer), passed $22,500 (res $30,000).    

3 Tilly Brogden (b f American Ideal-Hayley Brogden), P Kerr, Kaiapoi, $15,000.

4 Pure Magic (br f Art Major-Highfields Angel), passed $11,500 (res $30,000).         

5 Hilarious Magic (b f Somebeachsomewhere-Hilarious Leigh), withdrawn.         

6  Strike The Gold (b c Bettor’s Delight-Hill Of Gold), Lincoln Farm, Kumeu, $75,000.

7 Sazzasophie (b f Art Major-I Izz Sassy), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $12,000.

8 Bettor Go Holme (br f Bettor’s Delight-Holmestra), Rob Lawson, Hamilton, $3000.

9 Primz Luck (b c The Pres-Howz Lucky), passed $10,000 (res $15,000).         

10 Comekissmequick (b f Art Major-Inter Shape), P Kerr, Kaiapoi, $22,500.

11 Hunter Bromac (br c Christian Cullen-Humminbird), Mentally Stable, Christchurch, $17,500.

12 Katy Perry (br f Bettor’s Delight-Karen Donna), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $17,500.

13 Vinny Maguire (b c Art Major-Kim Maguire), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $16,000.

14 Walk Of Fame (b f Bettor’s Delight-In Hollywood), withdrawn.
15 Kurahaupo King (b c Live Or Die-Kurahaupo Charm), Ross Gordon, Christchurch, $22,000.

16 Piece Of My Heart (br f Art Major-Highfields Diamond), passed $17,000 (res $30,000).
17 Majestic John (b c Christian Cullen-Karlysia), passed $11,500 (res $20,000).

18 About To Rock (b c Bettor’s Delight-Lady Luck Smiles), Brent Mangos, Pukekohe, $10,000.

19 All That Glitters (b f Bettor’s Delight-Lady Of Fortune), passed $10,000 (res $12,000).         

20 Alta Orlando (b c Courage Under Fire-La Joconde), Neil Pilcher, Kaiapoi, $35,000.

21 Everlasting Grace (b f Bettor’s Delight-Jessie Grace), passed $17,500 (res $30,000).
22 Burnaholeinmypocket (b c Bettor’s Delight-Kelly Maguire, Andy Gath, Victoria, $25,000

23 Monterey Jack (b c Santanna Blue Chip-Looking Good Franco), passed $9000 (res $10,000).         

24 Luna De Miel (b f McArdle-Lughnasadh), passed $15,000 (res $20,000).
25 Storm Maguire (br f Bettor’s Delight-Lethal Mee), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $20,000.

26 Secret Weapon (b c Mach Three-Hot Secret), Rosslands Stud, Auckland, $46,000.

27 Fat Kenny’s Drop (b c Art Major-Kenny’s Kid), passed $5000 (res $10,000).
28 Jonny B Good Brogden (b c Mach Three-Maikona), Gareth Dixon, Clevedon, $40,000.

29 Bettor Kiwi (b c Bettor’s Delight-Matai Grace), B & P Hughes, Pukekohe, $20,000.

30 Lightfingered (b c Bettor’s Delight-La Filou), P I & G J Kennard B/stock, Christchurch, $28,000.

31 Memphis Miss (b f Christian Cullen-Memphis Melody), Tim Hall, Morrinsville, $7000.

32 Wanna Play (b f Majestic Son-Miss Whiplash), P I & G J Kennard (as agent), Christchurch, $42,000.

33 Silver Bullet (br c Changeover-Lamborghini Lady), David Butcher, Hamilton, $10,000.

34 Otis Maguire (br c Bettor’s Delight-Miss Jubilee), PGW (as agent), Christchurch,   $30,000.

35 Megaspeed (b f Angus Hall-Mega Belle), J W Dickie, Cambridge, $26,000.

36 Moulin Bromac (b f Bettor’s Delight-Missy Matao), passed $22,500 (res $35,000).     

37 Deep Hollow Lane (b f American Ideal-Lisconnie), passed $10,000 (res $15,000).    

38 Raell’s Delight (br c Bettor’s Delight-Lauraella), E & M Stride, Australia, $210,000.

39 Call To Duty (b c Christian Cullen-Inspiration), Paul Court, West Melton, $20,000.

40 Somebabesomewhere (b f Somebeachsomewhere-Motu Star Of Pacific), passed $20,000 (res $35,000).    

41 Verde Lima (b f Bettor’s Delight-Oaxaca Lass, passed $20,000 (res $40,000).         

42 Ardee (b c Jereme’s Jet-My Barbie Doll), Gary Elson, Australia, $13,500.

43 Fiery Mountain Girl (ch f Sundon-Mountain Woman), Yabby Dam Farms Pty Ltd, Australia, $18,000.

44 Love Is A Drug (b f Art Major-Loma Fay), passed $11,000 (res $20,000).
45 Idealagain (b f American Ideal-Lisdargan), J H Gameson, Rolleston, $5500.

46 De Lightning (b c Bettor’s Delight-Matai Marlene), N McGrath, West Melton, $28,000.

47 Benny Maguire (b c Christian Cullen-Moscardon), Brisbane Pastoral Co. NZ L, Christchurch, $30,000.

48 Local Yokel (blk c Elsu-Rare Class), Ozwest Pacing Australia, $18,000.

49 Mhai Art (b c Art Major-Mhairi), Basil & Helen Teaz, Ohaupo, $15,000.

50 Justforyou (b f Christian Cullen-Just An Angel), Trevor Lindsay, Australia, $10,000.

51 Duke Of Albany (blk c Bettor’s Delight-Princess Alberta), P I & G J Kennard, B/stock, Christchurch, $55,000,

52 Spike Bromac (br c Art Official-Sabrina Bromac), Hugh & James Paul, Australia, 22,000.

53 Ray Of Light (b f Bettor’s Delight-Lismurray), Don Douglas, Waiuku, $4000.

54 Minka (br f Bettor’s Delight-Mikana), passed $10,000 (res $12,000).         

55 Love Struck Romeo (b c Love You-Ribtecler), Goldstrike Bloodstock (as agent), Christchurch, $9500.

56 Alta Ronaldo (b c Mach Three-Right This Time), Neil Pilcher (as agent), Kaiapoi, $120,000.

57 Tegan Maguire (b f Christian Cullen-Seeled All Over), passed $7000 (res $10,000).
58 Rio Grande (b c American Ideal-River Towel), passed $17,500 (res $25,000).         

59 This Sky Rox (b c Skyvalley-Roxie Heart), passed $24,000 (res $50,000).
60 Shimmy Shoes (b f Bettor’s Delight-Hot Shoe Shuffle), withdrawn.         

61 Maddison’s Delight (b f Bettor’s Delight-Pacing Grace), passed $8000 (res $15,000).
62 Oneover (br c Changeover-Presidential Belle), P Kerr, Kaiapoi, $27,000.

63 Padrisimo (br c Bettor’s Delight-LC Tricky), R Nalder Standardbred, Australia, $20,000.

64 Listentothemusic (blk c Bettor’s Delight-Shoshana Hall), N McGrath, West Melton, $30,000.

65 Tenacious Bromac (blk c Bettor’s Delight-Tandias Courage), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $35,000.

66 Mthulise (b f Bettor’s Delight-Milagro), B Purdon, Clevedon, $55,000.

67 Starlight Brigade (b c Bettor’s Delight-Smithie’s Delight), Lincoln Farm, Kumeu, $38,000.

68 Imaginary Bet (br f Bettor’s Delight-Imagine Me), I D Dobson, Christchurch, $90,000.

69 Angus Fogg (b c Angus Hall-Sun Isa), Lincoln Farm, Kumeu, $42,000.

70 Twoandahalf Tigers (b c Jereme’s Jet-Tiger Dion), withdrawn.      

71 Pull The Pin  (b f Art Major-Neat Franco), M Berger, Cambridge, $18,000.

72 Sirius Star (b c Art Major-Starlitnight, passed $45,000 (res $50,000).         

73 Unforgiving (b f Art Major-Pure Envy), passed $20,000 (res $30,000).         

74 Ideal Quest (b f American Ideal-Pocket Conquest), Lincoln Farm, Kumeu, $14,000.

75 Vanya Cullen (b f Christian Cullen-Sagrantino), passed $14,000 (res $20,000).         

76 Mystical Pocket (blk f McArdle-Pocketfullofdreams), Trevor Lindsay, Australia, $25,000.

77 Twitter Bromac (b f Mach Three-Tanisa Bromac), passed $20,000 (res $25,000).          

78 Westgate Chick (b f Mach Three-T A Sportsplex), passed $30,000 (res $55,000). 

79 Pocket Of Jewels (b f American Ideal-Pocketmore), L Hanrahan, Ashburton, $10,000.

80 Christy Maguire (b f Christian Cullen-Soky’s Sunday), F D & A F Cooney, Henderson, $14,500.

81 First Grade (b c Pegasus Spur-Tat’s Pride), passed $10,000 (res $12,500).         

82 Bettors Pocket (blk c Bettor’s Delight-Pocketfullofposies), Tony Herlihy, Papakura, $28,000.

83 Tullow (b c Mach Three-Tessa Bromac), Rosslands Stud, Auckland, $37,000.

84 De Tiger (b c Mach Three-Tigers Delight), M McKendry (as agent), Auckland, $50,000.

85 The Faithful (br c Bettor’s Delight-Running On Faith), ATC 2013 Syndicate, Auckland, $30,000.

86 A Chance To Dream (br f Art Major-Sabelle), passed $15,000 (res $25,000).
87 Rock Tonight (ch c Sundon-Rock’n Rhonda), passed $20,000 (res $40,000).    
88 Elgento (b c Mach Three-Tosti Girl), withdrawn.
89 One For The Money (br c The Pres-Sierra Roydon), N McGrath, West Melton, $16,000.

90 Tara Maguire (b f Bettor’s Delight-Tara Tralee), withdrawn.  

91 Pomme Roy (b c Christian Cullen-T K Swift), MARK JONES, BURNHAM, $65,000.

92 Crown Me (b c Bettor’s Delight-Scuse Me), M Purdon, Rolleston, $55,000.

93 Machenja (br c Mach Three-Spirit Of Spring),  P G & R I Brown, Pukekohe, $8500.

94 Trixie Bromac (b f Mach Three-Trapiche), J H Gameson, Rolleston, $10,000.

5 Gotta Go Letimgo (b c American Ideal-Tragically Hip), J C Hay, Ashburton, $18,000.

96 Upsy Daisy (b f Mach Three-Twilight Beauty), Alan McGregor, Australia, $12,000.

97 War Commander (br c Pegasus Spur-Tats That), passed $12,000 (res $20,000).
98 McArdle Star (b c McArdle-Star Of The Ball), S Thompson, Dunedin, $30,000.

99 Soran (br c Gotta Go Cullect-Unthinkable), K N Plowman, Pukekohe, $9000.

100 Bettor Spirits (br c Bettor’s Delight-Spirit Of Eros), Mary Corboy, Te Awamutu, $27,000.

101 Haunui Tiger (br c Changeover-Tigerswish), Rosslands Stud, Auckland, $35,000.

102 Nicky Maguire (br f Art Major-Tootsie), Ozwest Pacing, Australia, $18,000.

103 Highest Pinnacle (br c Elsu-Thebestamancanget), Loburn Ltd, Rangiora, $4000.

104 Pure Desire (br f Real Desire-Shake Me Down), passed $7000 (res $15,000).         

105 A Good Ideal (br c American Ideal-Welcome Star), William Dawson, NSW, Australia, 26,000.

106 Sir Richie (b c Christian Cullen-Wicklow Express), cancelled.    

 107 Heart Stealer (b f Bettor’s Delight-Fight Fire With Fire), W E & P M Bain, Roxburgh, $95,000.

108 V For Van (b c Bettor’s Delight-Vanyana), passed $12,000 (res $20,000).
109 Hartofdixie (br f American Ideal-Splendid Deal), Rosslands Stud, Auckland, $82,500.

110 Yes Pal (b c Bettor’s Delight-Twice As Great), C J De Filippi, Christchurch, $27,500.

111 Aztec Bromac (br c American Ideal-Agnes Patron), Greg Payne, West Melton, $6500.

112 Savannah Maguire (b f Art Major-Unrehearsed), PGW (as agent), Christchurch, $50,000.

113 Stopandstare (b f Art Major-Affairs Are Bettor), M Purdon, Rolleston, $14,000.

114 Alta Surreal (b c Real Desire-Alta Camilla), Nicky Chilcott, Cambridge, $4500.

115 Westgate Lord (br c Bettor’s Delight-Alta Vista), E & M Stride, Australia, $120,000.

116 Superfecta (b c Bettor’s Delight-Super Smooth), P I & G J Kennard B/stock, Christchurch, $40,000.

117 Change Tune (b f Changeover-Anna Matao), Peter Moriarty, Te Puke, $15,000.

118 Ard (b c McArdle-Alberneva), D Gale, Helensville, $7000.

119 Chachingchaching (b c Mach Three-Affairs Of State), Greg Payne, West Melton, $24,500.

120 Ballybrophy (b c Art Official-Belle Abbeye), passed $15,000 (res $25,000).         

121 Soldier Of Fortune (b c Art Major-Shy Annie), R Nalder, Australia, $45,000.

122 Classical Art (b f Mach Three-Art Lover), M Purdon, Rolleston, $31,000.

123 Boys Night Out (b c Bettor’s Delight-We Love To Party), K M Barron, West Melton, $14,000.

124 Zinzan Maguire (b c Bettor’s Delight-Zenola Starbuck), B Sandford, Christchurch, $50,000.

125 Loose Unit (b c Christian Cullen-Anam Cara), Astaire Standardbred Ltd, Blenheim, $14,000.

126 Might Of Tara (b c American Ideal-Atomic Gold), passed $28,000 (res $30,000).

 127 Bedouin Brogden (b f Bettor’s Delight-Bonny Brogden), Kim Prentice, West Australia, $9000.

128 Gotta Go Ice Lady (br f Gotta Go Cullect-Armbro Ice), B W Davidson, Oamaru, $10,000.

129 Ballivor (b c Art Major-Belmont Rose), passed $12,500 (res $25,000).
130 Brass Lantern (blk c Bettor’s Delight-Angela Patron), Mark Dux, Queensland, Australia, $26,000.

131 Westgate Baron (br c Bettor’s Delight-Bella Me), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $53,000.

132 Zennart (b c Art Major-Zena Hanover), withdrawn.
133 Classic Bromac (b c Mach Three-Classic Blue Jeans), PGW (as agent), Christchurch, $42,000.

134 Hard N Fast (b c Christian Cullen-Black And Royal), Paul Court, West Melton, $40,000.

135 Truly Tops (Christian Cullen-Best In Class), Greg Payne, West Melton, $11,000.

136 Travis Maguire (br c Christian Cullen-Bhutan), Basil & Helen Teaz, Ohaupo, $13,000.

137 Shillelagh (b c Art Official-Bute Sister), Mentally Stable, Christchurch, $11,000.

138 Change Stride (b c Rocknroll Hanover-Chaangerr), P I & G J Kennard B/stock, Christchurch, $90,000.

139 Heart’s Delight (b f Bettor’s Delight-Achy Breaky Heart), Paul Foster, Auckland, $5000.

140 Didier Drogba (b c Art Major-Black Maire), James Howlett, Australia, $45,000.

141 Only In Rome (br c Bettor’s Delight-Charioteer), Premier Stables, West Melton, $9000.

142 Cut Loose (b c Mach Three-Cullerfillee), P Kerr, Kaiapoi, $32,500.

143 Lovina Chevy (b c Jereme’s Jet-Chevyover), passed $7000 (res $10,000).
144 Diamond Supreme (b c Art Official-Covered Supreme), passed $0 (res $2000).  

145 Royal Loyal (b c Bettor’s Delight-Braeside Lady), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $120,000.

146 Hug The Wind (br c Bettor’s Delight-Dreaming Spires), M Purdon, Rolleston, $68,000.

147 Bettor Ace (b f Bettor’s Delight-Classic Ace), passed $4500 (res $7000).
148 Callanan (b c Monarchy-Coriano), L Driver, Amberley,  $9000.

149 Cruz Bromac (b c Falcon Seelster-Crown Defender), MARK JONES, BURNHAM, $12,000.

150 Money On The Run (b f Bettor’s Delight-Christian Watch), Ross Gordon, Christchurch, $8500.

151 Packard (b c Bettor’s Delight-Daisy Dundee), withdrawn.  

152 Gotta Go Never Die (b f Live Or Die-Culley’s Girl), Alan McGregor, Australia,     $8000.

153 Santanna Jewel (b f Santanna Blue Chip-Cyathea), Stonewall Stud, Clevedon, $22,000.

154 Cyclone Jeter (b f Majestic Son-Cyclone Vance), Yabby Damm Farms Pty, Australia, $26,000.

155 Major Classic (b c Art Major-Classical), G Small, Pukekohe, $26,000.

156 Speeding Spur (b c Pegasus Spur-Della’s Speed), passed $6500 (res $10,000).
157 Nikita Maguire (b f Art Major-Dame Nellie), Dave Kaa, Cambridge, $11,000.

158 Major Change (b c Art Major-Dancingonmoonlight), G Small, Pukekohe, $20,000.

159 A Fine Christian (b f Christian Cullen-Fine Print), passed $25,000 (res $30,000).

160 Wise Goddess (b f Bettor’s Delight-Classic Athena), Peter Blanchard, Hamilton, $4500.

161 Kenny (b  c Gotta Go Cullect-Dolley Madison), Gareth Dixon, Clevedon, $6000.

162 Yagunnakissmeornot (b f Love You-Dutch Annie), passed $19,000 (res $30,000).

 163 Delightful Offer (b c Bettor’s Delight-Dream Offer), B Purdon, Clevedon, $45,000.

164 Carmelita Jeter (b f Jereme’s Jet-E J Becks), John McCarthy, Australia, $12,000.

165 My Kiwi Mate (b c Bettor’s Delight-Classic Nymph), B & P Hughes, Pukekohe, $30,000.

166 Gotta Go Jet Away (br f Jereme’s Jet-Elect To Live), passed $20,000 (res $25,000).
167 Fromtheshadows (br c Shadow Play-Erinyes), Gary Woodham, Porirua, $21,000.

168 Bromac Fusion (b c Falcon Seelster-Fresco Denario), A P & Mrs L M Neal, Cambridge, $12,000.

169 Giuliana Rancic (b f American Ideal-Finiamo), passed 12,000 (res $25,000).
170 Cranno (b c Christian Cullen-Crannolavados), passed $10,000 (res $18,000).         

171 I Asked Nicely (b c Pegasus Spur-Friendly Persuasion), passed $10,000 (res $14,000).
172 Pickettywitch (b f Bettor’s Delight-First Western), withdrawn.

173 Lightning Flight (b c Mach Three-Flight Of Fantasy), G Lee, Wyndham, $22,000.

174 Emphasis (b f Muscles Yankee-Galleons Dream), E & M Stride, Australia, $60,000.

175 Delightful Art (b c Bettor’s Delight-Genuine Art), Grant Ellison, Te Kuiti, $9000.

176 Prince Fearless (b c Majestic Son-Fear Factor), P I & G J Kennard, B/stock, Christchurch, $32,500.

177 Cullect The Gold (b c Gotta Go Cullect-Goldy Hawne), passed $14,000.
178 Bettor Be Supreme (b f Bettor’s Delight-Galleons Supreme), PGW (as agent), Christchurch, $23,000.

179 Carrington (b f Grinfromeartoear-Gotta Go Jasper), Revell Douglas, Waiuku, $7500.

180 Genghis Bromac (b c Bettor’s Delight-Gunjan Hanover), passed $37,500 (res $40,000).