Basshunter tops RTR sale

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Basshunter, who trialled over 800m in 55.6s and his final 400m in 26.1s at Ashburton last month, fetched the top price of $90,000 at PGG Wrightson’s Ready To Run 2YO Sale in Christchurch on Wednesday, October 13.

The Mach Three colt, a half-brother to nine winners including The Pukekohe Pirate (1:56.2h, US), The Millionairness (1:56m, US) and The Pukekohe Panther (1:55.4f, US), was knocked down to Australia buyer, Dean Shannon of Montana Park P/L.

Burnham trainer Mark Jones purchased Falcalla, a Falcon Seelster colt from the same family as former big-winning pacers Margaret Shannon (43 Aust. wins) and former Interdominion Grand Final and Auckland Cup runnerup Gaelic Skipper (13 wins), for $7000.

Falcalla, a half-brother to Callavision (1:52.2, US) and WA winner My Boy Roy (p3, 1:59.5h, 4 wins), ran over 800m in 58s and his final 400m in 26.9s at Ashburton on trial day.

Results were:

1 A/c L R HANRAHAN: Highview Johnny, blk c Elsu-Ta Jin, passed $17,500.    

2 A/c J P STORMONT: Tricky Way Out, b f Dream Away-Tricky Clout, withdrawn.    

3 A/c G PAYNE: McArdles Art, b c McArdle-True Art, passed $17,500.

4 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Charm Alarm, b f Bettor’s Delight-Vain Franco, Andrew Grover, Australia, $60,000.

5 A/c S A DOLAN: Candy Styx, b f Christian Cullen-Armbro Moonlight, passed $25,000.

6 A/c G J MOFFAT: Axl Rose, b c Courage Under Fire-Ashes Of Rose, withdrawn.

7 A/c F M CRIDLAND: Nia, ch f Sundon-Whizdom, passed $15,000.

8 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Bronze Seeker, b c Mach Three-Bronze Lady, passed, $50,000.    

9 A/c R C JOHNSON: Cowgirls N Indians, br f Real Desire-Barn Dance Betty, withdrawn.

10 A/c L R HANRAHAN: Sixonenine, b g Live Or Die-Torridon Lassie, C J De Filippi, Christchurch, $13,000.

11 A/c J R ALLEN: Beat The Feet, b f Julius Caesar-Bealey Corner, passed $19,000.

12 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Mrs Devine, b f Christian Cullen-Countess Caroline, passed $30,000.    

13 A/c B C HUTTON: Falcalla, b c Falcon Seelster-Calla Shannon, MARK JONES, Christchurch, $7000.

14 A/c J E FOKERD: Art Connoisseur, b c Falcon Seelster-Classic Art, passed $21,000.

15 A/c R BUTT: Empathy, blk f Elsu-Cocobana, passed $15,000.

16 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Kiwi Chapel, b c Bettor’s Delight-Electric Kiwi, Montana Park P/L, Australia, $34,000.

17 A/c W E HIGGS: Classy Ambition, b c Falcon Seelster-Classy Return, Riverside Lodge, Pukekohe, $5500.

18 A/c M I SHINN: Maltan, b g Live Or Die-Belle Mystique, withdrawn.

19 A/c W G CAMERON: Just Kris, b f Falcon Seelster-Cyclone Lady, passed $11,000.

20 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Cullenflashingholme, b c Christian Cullen-Flashing Holme, passed $19,000.

21 A/c MS D M LEWIS, MESSRS M C & C SEDDON: Bad Dancer, br f Badlands Hanover-Dream Dancer, withdrawn.

22 A/c GOLDSTRIKE BLOODSTRIKE LTD: Eastwood Falconet, b f Falcon Seelster-Eastwood Lady, withdrawn.

23 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Curtins, b f Mach Three-Free Wheel, passed $11,000.

24 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Eyreloom, b f Christian Cullen-Franciscan, passed $30,000.

25 A/c L R HANRAHAN: Giggle Pantz, b f Grinfromeartoear-Zenorita, Neil Edge, Christchurch, $5000.

26 A/c CHATSWORTH LODGE LTD: Sayang, b f Live Or Die-Electrify, withdrawn.

27 A/c  M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Jolly Jean, b f Christian Cullen-Jolly Jill, Rosehill Farm Ltd, Gore, $7000.

28 A/c G PAYNE: Grin And Win, b c Grinfromeartoear-Gigi Boone, Montana Park P/L, Australia, $20,000.

29 A/c HOME FIRST BREEDING LTD: Equalizer, br c  Courage Under Fire-Especial Franco, Neil Pilcher, Pukekohe, $18,000.

30 A/c A L CLARK: Zachary Smith, b g Thanksgiving-Ezackly, Neil Edge, Christchurch, $1000.

31 A/c C J ROBERTS: The Dip, b c Bettor’s Delight-La Filou, passed $19,000.

32 A/c G PAYNE:  Grufello Bromac, b c Mach Three-Gilt Laughter, Neil Edge, Christchurch, $5000.

33 A/c M J STRATFORD: Blytheburn, b c Armbro Operative-Ferniehurst, Max Russell, Christchurch, $13,000.

34 A/c P N FENSOM: The Penny’s Dropped, b f Elsu-Gone N Dunit, John Greaney, Oamaru, $2500.

35 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Basshunter, b c Mach Three-Madam Jodasc, Montana Park P/L, Australia, $90,000.

36 A/c D A & MRS H D HOWE: Charming Seelster, b f Falcon Seelster-Golden Charm, Phill Anderson, Christchurch, $10,000.

37 A/c GOLDSTRIKE BLOODSTRIKE LTD: Incomparable, br f Live Or Die-Infinite Dreams, Mrs E Barker, Christchurch, $5000.

38 A/c JAYTEE SYNDICATE: Another Man, b g Falcon Seelster-Ann Other Vance, passed $17,500.

39 A/c G PAYNE: Aveross Mac, b c Bettor’s Delight-GTH Aveross, passed $12,500.

40 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Beni Rai, br f Christian Cullen-Mai Ban Rai, passed $9000.

41 A/c M I SHINN: Lord Jowers, b g Live Or Die-Hanover Robyn, R L Sandford, Christchurch, $29,000.

42 A/c D M Moore: Western Dancer, br f Western Terror-Happy Saga, withdrawn.

43 A/c R BUTT: Taniwha, br f McArdle-Jaguar Strike, passed $10,500.

44 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Alta Sinatra, b c Mach Three-Minni’s Folly, passed $70,000.

45 A/c J A PRIMMER: Jacks Falcon, br g Falcon Seelster-Lady Lilly Denover, John McCarthy, Australia, $27,000.

46 A/c L R HANRAHAN: Emma Maguire, br f Dream Away-Dame Nellie, Montana Park P/L, Australia, $67,500.

47 A/c G PAYNE: Lotta Boom, br c Presidential Ball-Lotta, Ricky Thurlow, Australia, $18,000.

48 A/c T PRICE: Motu Firefly, b f Courage Under Fire-Motu Annabell, Cran Dalgety, Christchurch, $20,000.

49 A/c W E HIGGS: Lynnes Cullen, b f Christian Cullen-Lynne Falcon, withdrawn.

50 A/c G PAYNE: Castacolo, br f Western Terror-Magiccolo, passed $9000.

51 A/c GOLDSTRIKE BLOODSTRIKE LTD: Time Ball, b f Presidential Ball-Lively Dash, passed $2000.

52 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Rhuben, b c Bettor’s Delight-Nemesis Choice, Francis Renner, Ashburton, $20,000.

53 A/c G PAYNE:  Caesar’s Bardon, b c Julius Caesar-Margaret’s Last, Montana Park P/L, Australia, $70,000.

54 A/c MISS M A PERRITON: River P, b c Red River Hanover-Meadowlands Dream, withdrawn.

55 A/c MR D BROWN: Never Eyre, b c Falcon Seelster-Never Before Franco, W Higgs, Christchurch, $15,000.

56 A/c G PAYNE:  Charm Thee, b f Mach Three-Natural Franco, passed $10,000.

57 A/c M I DONALDSON & B WALDON: Gran Torino, b c Bettor’s Delight-My Party Doll, withdrawn.

58 A/c M I SHINN: Kerry Orelly, b g Live Or Die-Scottish Bella, Montana Park P/L, Australia, $16,000.

59 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Fearless Leader, br  c Bettor’s Delight-Party Baby, Ashdon Valley Racing, Australia, $20,000.

60 A/c W G CAMERON: Stout, br c  McArdle-Navigator Franco, Mark Peace, Australia, $80,000.

61 A/c A L CLARK: Galaxy Hunter, b g Thanksgiving-Solar System,  A J & V G Shirley, Invercargill, $15,500.

62 A/c A R TURNER & L R HANRAHAN: Sachin Arden, b c Elsu-Madam Maroussia, E W Knight, Christchurch, $13,000.

63 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Hugh, b c Mach Three-Penthouse, G Small, Pukekohe, $24,000.

64 A/c ULTIMATE BREEDING: Ultimate Paua, b f Christian Cullen-Princess Paua, withdrawn.

65 A/c R D & MRS B M HOLLOWS: Chance Smart, b c  McArdle-Ohappy Daze, P F Boag, Ashburton, $46,000.

66 A/c GOLDSTRIKE BLOODSTRIKE LTD: Highview Red, ch c P-Forty-Seven-Night Girl Franco, withdrawn.

67 A/c T PRICE: Party Queen, b f American Ideal-Queen Of Angels, passed $15,000.

68 A/c G PAYNE:  Ronald DC, b c Washington VC-Rich Touch, passed $10,000.

69 A/c PARKHOUSE PROPERTIES SYNDICATE: On Guard, b f Christian Cullen-On Scroll, Phill Anderson, Christchurch, $14,000.

70 A/c D BROWN: Romance In The Eyre, b c In The Pocket-Rachel Romance, Neil Edge, Christchurch, $5500.

71 A/c GREENFIELDS FARM: Glenstrae, b g Falcon Seelster-Penscroft, Montana Park P/L, Australia, $52,500.

72 A/c J D McKENZIE: Flyin Crusa, b f Sands A Flyin-Satara, withdrawn.

73 A/c G PAYNE:  Besotted, br c American Ideal-Saturation, passed $24,000.

74 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Dan Dan, b c Christian Cullen-Ritzy Reba, Atherton Farm, Leeston, $7000.

75 A/c JORDASH BREEDING TRUST: Girl With A Pearl, b f Art Major-Pegasus Pearl, Montana Park P/L, Australia, $41,000.

76 A/c M I SHINN: Marble Ridge, b c Courage Under Fire-Seacrest Franco, G Lee, Wyndham, $30,000.

77 A/c GOLDSTRIKE BLOODSTRIKE LTD: Ima Flash Harry, br c Badlands Hanover-Seafield Lisa, Chris Garrard, Australia, $33,000.

78 A/c M J & MRS M M HOUSE: Mach Danny, b c Mach Three-Sokin Rain, Tony Price, Australia, $42,000.

79 A/c W G CAMERON: Misty Magic, blk f Falcon Seelster-Star Of Liberty, Bernard McDonald, Oxford, $18,000.

80 A/c A L CLARK: Armed Force, b g Thanksgiving-Stylish Voss, Phill Anderson, Christchurch, $10,000.

81 A/c S A DOLAN: Augustus Time, b c Elsu-Swell Times, Mr V P and Mrs M C Barrett, Ashburton, $3000.