Canty owners/breeders night, Sept 13

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Addington Raceway logoCanterbury Breeders & Owners Night will take place at Addington on Friday, September 13.

Traditionally, the night has been supported and sponsored by the Canterbury Standardbred Breeders’ Association (CSBA) with this year being the first time that the Canterbury Trotting Owners’ Association (CTOA) are taking part.

Addington’s Marketing & Commercial Manager Ged Mooar is thrilled to have both organisations involved on the night. “It makes sense that Addington has these two important industry associations jointly promoting and sponsoring as they go hand in hand with each other. It’s great that we can all work together successfully for the betterment of harness racing.”

John Mooney, chairman of the CSBA, welcomed this initiative.

“For a long time we have wanted to work more closely with the owners associations in Canterbury and nationally. I thank Barry Dent and his fellow committee members for their leadership. This will be a good night celebrating the start of the breeding season.”

John said he and Barry were looking forward to organising a joint awards night at the end of this season. They are hoping the licence holders will join them to reward and recognise people and achievements across the sport.

The CTOA will provide an additional prize of $1000 in total to the owner/s of the confirmed winner of each totalisator race on the programme.

A cheque will be forwarded from the CTOA to the financial contact for each horse that wins, and in the event of a dead-heat the $1000 will be apportioned equally.

In addition, $1000 will be provided for a Trainer’s Draw. All trainers who have a horse/s starting on the night will be eligible to take part in the draw which will take place later on the programme, with the winner announced on the night to receive $1000. The number of starters each trainer has on the night will not attract additional entries in the draw, so one entry per trainer.

“The CTOA are delighted to be involved with this initiative which will provide an extra prize to the winning owners. We know the real costs of standardbred ownership and this will ensure some of those costs are able to be recovered by winning on the night.”

“We also know the real benefit to the industry of having full fields for every race so owners need to get behind this initiative and set their horse/s to race on the night. In addition we have not left the trainers out so you should ensure your owners’ horses are ready to and do race that night” said Barry Dent, the President of the CTOA.

Addington thanks both the CSBA and the CTOA for their valuable support and with promotions taking place throughout the evening, together with great harness action on the track, racing at Addington on September 13 looks a sure bet for a good night out.

Courtesy of Ged Mooar
Marketing & Commercial Manager