Dan out of Inters

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My Man Dan, who has only raced once this term, has been withdrawn from next month’s Christchurch Casino Interdominion Pacing Championship by Burnham trainer Mark Jones.

“He’s not working as good as he should. We’re taking all avenues to try and find out the problem,” Mark said.

“Its frustrating because we haven’t done anything different, but he’s not going as good as he was,” he said.

My Man Dan was a big improver through the summer last season, but hasn’t been the same horse since he had his preparation affected by stone bruises before the Harness Jewels 4YO Emerald last June.

“It all went wrong leading into the Jewels and when he came back he didn’t look any good so we turned him back out,” Mark said.

“He looks great now but he’s just not working as good as he can. We’ve got to find out if there’s a problem and we’ll wait until we get a diagnosis from the vet,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mark’s other Interdominion entry OK Courage was also withdrawn on Monday.

“He’s only on a 4-win assessment anyway,” Mark said.

Others withdrawn from the Interdominion pacers series after Monday’s latest sustaining payment was due, include: Anvils Best Ever, Artoc (Aus), Balishka, Bonavista Bay (Aust), By My Side (Aust), Cant Bluf Me (Aust), Cast Off Courage, Frnaco Nester (Aust), Harley Earl, Indy Village, Just Callme Cullen (Aust), Living Proof, Lombo Pocket Watch (Aust), Malabar (Aust), Ohoka Dallas, Percy The Punter, River Field, Rocket Star (Aust), Russley Rascal, Spero Denario, Tanabi Bromac (Aust), Tennis Ball, Texas Hold Em, Thomas Pyke (Aust), Trigirl Brigade, Vegas Bound (Aust) and Zion (Aust).

Latest withdrawals from the $250,000 Dream With Me Inter Dominion Trotting Championship are: Berkshire Son, Braig, Dejazzman (Aust), Earl Of Mot (Aust), Ella Powell, Global Investment (Scan), Hot Tub (Scan), I Didnt Do It (Aus), Inzaghi (Scan), Joe Boy, Joker CN (Scan), Keep On Flying (Scan), King Charlie, King Of Strathfield, La Femme D’Argent, Lexie Highlander, Lifeoftheparty, Meyer Lansky, Pink Diamond, Quality Invasion, Racey Product, Ray, Springfield Hero, Sunnivue Son, Sun Of Loose, The Fiery Ginga, The Tin Man, Trotupastorm, Watch Him Trot, Watch Rose Trot, Wrath Of Rosie (Aus).