J Scott The Inside Word

FORBURY PARK TC, Thursday, May 30

Race 6: GIMMEFIVEMINUTESMORE (8, Sheree Tomlinson), mob. 2200m: “Tough race and has got to do things right so may struggle.”

Race 7: LETS HUSTLE (4, Sheree Tomlinson), mob. 2200m: “Is fresh-up and may need the run but an upset hope.”

NZ METRO TC, Saturday, June 1

Race 2: SIMONE DE BEAVOUIR (9, Sheree Tomlinson), E1, mob. 1980m: “Will struggle.”

Stylish Memphis, an upset place chance in the $150,000 Harness Jewels 2YO Diamond on Saturday.

Race 3: LULU LE MANS (2, Sheree Tomlinson), MISS RUBY SUNSHINE (3, Samantha Ottley) & STYLISH MEMPHIS (5, Ricky May), mob. 1980m:

“Lulu Le Mans has good all season. Has drawn well and an upset place hope as she is a wee professional.”

“Miss Ruby Sunshine has done a good job all season but looks a bit outclassed.”

“Stylish Memphis is a nice filly on the way up but is drawn in no mans land. Even so, is capable of placing.”

Race 7: GIMMEFIVEMINUTESMORE (3, Sheree Tomlinson), E1, mob. 1980m: “Unlikely to get a start.”

ASHBURTON TC, Sunday, June 2

Race 4: QUEENOFDANCE (10, Sheree Tomlinson), mob. 2400m: “Went terrible last week but gets the right draw to be an upset place chance.”

Race 10: NAIYA FRANCO (3, Samantha Ottley), mob. 2400m: “Good run last week but is up in grade in a smart field.”