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HR WAIKATO @ CAMBRIDGE, Saturday, June 4
Delightful Memphis, is as good as she's been all season, according to trainer Mark Jones, going into the $150,000 Harness Jewels 2YO Diamond on Saturday.

Delightful Memphis, trainer Mark Jones advises she’s as good as she’s been all season, going into the $150,000 Harness Jewels 2YO Diamond on Saturday.


Race 1: ROCKER BAND (9, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1609m: “Seems very well and her fate depends on Miss Daisy holding the lead, which after Friday, looks obvious. But you never know, if she sits in the trail, she can run top three.”


Race 3: DELIGHTFUL MEMPHIS (7, Blair Orange), mob 1609m: “Trialled nice on Saturday and has come on with that since. She’s handled everything well this season and is still going good. I think she is as good as she has been all season so we just want no bad luck.”

ASHBURTON TC, Sunday, June 5

Race 5: SMOKE N FIRE (10, Samantha Ottley), mob. 2400m: “Good draw for her. If doesn’t get too far back and gets luck she will be very hard to beat.”

Race 8: PERISSA (7, Samantha Ottley), 1, 10m, 2400m std: “Going in fresh in a strong field so looking for luck.”