HRNZ to develop trot series

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At the Harness Racing Australia (HRA) Annual General Meeting on Monday, October 18, a number of changes were agreed to for the future conduct of the Inter Dominion Championships.

  1. Key changes agreed were:
    • Introduction of a tender system for the conduct of the Pacers Championship for 2013-2015 by eligible cities, in contrast to the present rotation system; and
    • Rebranding of the current Trotters Championship to avoid confusion with the Pacers Series.
  2. These changes agreed by HRA are to be considered by the Board of Harness Racing New Zealand at its meeting on 8 November.
  3. In relation to the Trotters, HRNZ wishes to clarify that it is committed to exploring alternative options with Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) to ensure this time-honoured event continues, albeit under a different name. Both HRV and HRNZ recognise the important contribution of trotting to the industry and its relevance internationally, particularly in Europe.
  4. HRNZ is confident an alternative series can be developed that will ensure the profile of this event is enhanced. Priority will be afforded to this over the next two months and HRNZ looks forward to working with Harness Racing Victoria in this regard.

Courtesy of Edward Rennell, HRNZ General Manger