Inter trot series defunct from 2013

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Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) wishes to respond to articles relating to Harness Racing Australia’s (HRA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Hobart on Monday, October 18, where it was voted to discontinue the Inter Dominion Trotting Championships from 2013.


HRV Chairman, Ken Latta said: “I am disappointed with the decision, however it’s important that HRV puts on public record that our commitment to trotting will not diminish. In fact, it is HRV’s view that international interest and support for trotting in Australia is growing and this must be encouraged.


“Therefore, in the absence of the Inter Dominion Championship, HRV will commit to continuing with a race series under a new banner that will promote trotting internationally, as well as in Australia. HRV wishes to assure the members of the Victorian Square Trotters Association and the many trotting enthusiasts that this decision at the HRA AGM will not inhibit the growth of trotting in Victoria.”


The HRV Board will meet in the coming months to consider what form a replacement for the Inter Dominion Trotting Championships will take.


Mr Latta continued, “The industry must know that this should be seen as an opportunity for the long term success of trotting and harness racing in general.”


Courtesy of Alistair Hogg, HRV Media & Communications Manager