Jamieson wins 2nd WDC title

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The 2011 World Driving Champion was decided at Yonkers Raceway in New York on Saturday, August 6 (NZ time), with the night belonging to Canadian Jody Jamieson.

Jamieson won three at the Meadowlands on Friday (NZ time), and another two at Yonkers on the final day, to claim the win with a race to go in the final round of heats.img_3349

The first race went the way of Corey Callahan, making it the third time in this series he has kicked of the round with a win. Driving Mojarra Hanover, he took the lead early and never looked back.

Although a close finish after Franck Nivard challenged Callahan to the line, the local driver was able to hold out the Frenchman to gain 17 points. In third place was Enrico Bellei with Celtic Danser.

With an eighth placing, Dexter Dunn slipped back into fourth position while Jamieson maintained his series lead despite breaking and crossing the line last.

The second heat saw Dunn gain 12 valuable points with a second placing behind the series leader, Jamieson.

Driving My Man Ben, Dunn shot from the gate to gain an early lead before moving into the trail behind Nivard and Lukes Raoule.

As they turned off the back for the final time, Jamieson came flying around the field with Strong Hall. Dunn chased hard, finishing second in front of Nivard.

“He trotted great to the line. However this is a game of highs and lows; I was devastated after the first heat, but am on such a high again,” Jamieson said after his win.

The Canadian maintained a 12-point series lead over Juan Riera Rossello heading into the third heat of the night.

Jamieson was back in the winners’ circle after heat three with a win behind race favourite, Sun Of A Victory.

The trotter skipped a little on the gate before charging ahead to take the lead from Nivard with Reigning Dough.

From here it was all Jamieson as he claimed his fifth win of the series and the Championship with one race to go.

“He’s an incredible trotter. The pace was slow up front, so I kept him going”, Jamieson said of the race.

When asked about his position in the series he replied “I’m buzzing and really looking forward to the one more race.”

Dunn’s runner Great Emancipator galloped at the gate, however was soon down and trotting again with Dunn gaining the one-one.

However as he set off three-wide, the four-year-old galloped again and eventually placing sixth.

The fourth race went to Sweden’s Bjorn Goop with Summer Snow. After sitting in the trail behind Callahan and Winbak Delight, he pushed outside of the USA representative to win maximum points.


However it was Jamieson’s night. The 2001 winner was “pumped to be World Champion. I couldn’t be prouder and am on an extreme high.”

(This was Jamieson’s second World Driving Championship title, having previously won the 2001 series).


USA’s Callahan finished in second ahead of Spain’s Juan Riera Rossello with Dunn fourth.

However that did not take away the experience the 21-year-old is having in the USA.

“Tonight came down to horsepower and I gave them all a good trip. But I’m proud to have been here representing NZ. Meeting the drivers has been the best thing and all the experiences I am having over here.“

Asked his next move from here, Dunn said: “I might stay on here a little bit longer, but I am looking forward to coming home. I will definitely be home by Cup Week, but at this stage I am still unsure as to what will happen next week.”

Final Points:

1. Jody Jamieson (Canada) 159
2. Corey Callahan (USA) 153
3. Juan Antonio Riera Rossello (Spain) 151
4. Dexter Dunn (New Zealand) 143
5. Björn Goop (Sweden) 133
6. Birger Jørgensen (Denmark) 131
7. Franck Nivard (France) 112
8. Enrico Bellei (Italy) 110
9. Michael Nimczyk (Germany) 93
10. Chris Lewis (Australia) 91.


Courtesy of Brooke Henderson, HRNZ