Mob. 1950m starts preferred

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August 29, 2013

After consultation over a number of weeks with trainers, drivers, stipendiary stewards and Addington’s starter, there has been an overwhelming response to revert back to the sprint distance of the 1950-metre mobile starting point.

Start cup day 2010 145At a meeting on May 15, Canterbury horsemen instigated a request to Addington that 2000-metre mobile starts be trialled for a period of time.

Photo: Just under way from the 2000m or 3200m start point at Addington. The mobile 1950m start point is now the favoured option.

Having trialled the 2000-metre mobile start from mid-June over a number of races and feedback considered from harness participants and officials on this experiment, the majority of future races will be held over 1950 metres from behind the mobile gate.

This will take effect from the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club’s next meeting at Addington on Friday September 6. Mobile 2600m events will continue as usual.

The following race meeting, Canterbury Breeders and Owners Night on Friday September 13, will see a track grid draw for races conducted over one mile mobile starts instigated.

The preferential draw grid to be used is as follows:

1-2-3-7-8-4-9-5-10-6 with the least tightly assessed runner to the most tightly assessed runner based on wins and earnings drawn in that order. Six horses will start from the front line and four from the second line in a capacity field of 10. Details can be found under the section Race Programmes at

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Brian Rabbitt or Richard Bromley at Addington’s Racing Department on (03) 338 9094.

Courtesy of Ged Mooar
Marketing & Commercial Manager
Addington Raceway