NZ & AUST., July 4-7

J Scott The Inside Word

FORBURY PARK TC, Thursday, July 4

Race 4: GIMMEFIVEMINUTESMORE (4, Brent Barclay), mob. 2200m: “Finally stole one last week and an each-way chance again in claim series.”

AUCKLAND TC, Friday, July 5

Race 7: MICHELLE (13, Tony Herlihy), UR 3, 10m, 2200m std: “She will be better for last week’s run and a winning hope.”

NZ METRO TC, Friday, July 5

Race 1: UPTOWN LADY (12, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1980m: “Racing good but can’t buy a draw. The Bagrie horse looks the winner but she is the danger to him.”

Race 4: RANGER BOMB (9, Samantha Ottley) & WILLISON (13, Mark), mob. 1980m: “Ranger Bomb will be a better horse with a break and has drawn bad, so will be driven for luck.”

Willison, a debut runner at Addington, leads up at the Rangiora trials last week for trainer, Mark Jones, He was outfinished late by War Hero.

“Willison is here instead of a trial. A nice horse in making and an each-way hope, but has a lot to learn.”

Race 8: HIS ROYAL HARNESS (9, Dylan Ferguson) & SMOKE N REACTOR (14, John Morrison), mob. 1980m: “His Royal Harness has been disappointing so needs to improve.”

“Smoke N Reactor has drawn bad but may suit racing style and winning hope dropping in grade.”

ALBION PARK (QLD), Saturday, July 6

Race 7: BARRETT (3, Narissa McMullen), mob. 2138m: “Tricky draw in a hot field so looking for luck.”

NEWCASTLE (NSW), Saturday, July 6

Race 2: ROCK N JOY (4, Guy Chappie), mob. 2030m: “Racing good and always earning so each-way again.”

Race 3: GETARATTLEON (5, Guy Chappie), mob. 1609m: “Has been honest and a place hope.”

Race 4: THE BUS (13, Guy Chappie), mob. 1609m: “Drawn bad makes it tough.”

Race 9: MISTER FINNIGAN (6, Guy Chappie), mob. 2030m: “Racing good but looking for the paddock.”

RANGIORA HRC, Sunday, July 7

Race 4: IMMORTAL CHANGE (12, Luke Whittaker), mob. 2000m: “She’s had a freshen-up but seems good and an each- way hope.”

Immortal Change, a catch-drive for Luke Whittaker in the McMillan Equine Feeds NZ Young Drivers Championship Heat at Rangiora on Sunday.

Race 5: QUEENOFDANCE (4, Samantha Ottley) & LET’S HUSTLE (7, Stephen McNally), mob. 2600m: “Queenofdance was disappointing last week but we should see an improved effort this week.

“Let’s Hustle is an outside place hope.”

Race 9: FLEETMASTER (6, Samantha Ottley) & MOLLY DOOKER (10, Luke Whittaker), mob. 2600m: “Fleetmaster is not racing up to what he can.”

“Molly Dooker is an average maiden with an outside place hope.”