NZ & AUST, June 20-22

J Scott The Inside Word

FORBURY PARK TC, Thursday, June 20

Race 7: NAIYA FRANCO (Sheree Tomlinson), mob. 1700m: “Is racing good. Drawn bad but a winning hope.”

Race 11: GIMMEFIVEMINUTESMORE (4, Sheree Tomlinson), mob. 2200m: “Gets a draw to roll forward and an each-way chance.”

AUCKLAND TC, Friday, June 21

Race 9: MICHELLE (SCR) & EYRE I GO (8, Maurice McKendry), mob. 1609m: “Eyre I Go is drawn bad but if he steers better is an each-way chance.”

MARLBOROUGH HRC, Friday, June 21

Race 2: MOLLY DOOKER (1, Sheree Tomlinson), mob. 2300m: “Has the right draw but an outside place hope.”

REDCLIFFE (QLD), Saturday, June 22

Race 5: BARRETT (9, Narissa McMullen), mob. 2040m: “Has drawn bad but is racing super and an upset chance.”

NEWCASTLE (NSW), Saturday, June 22

Race 8: MISTER FINNIGAN (8, Guy Chappie), mob. 2030m: “If he does things right can win.”

MENANGLE (NSW), Saturday, June 22

Race 9: THE BUS (11, Guy Chappie), mob. 1609m: “Has drawn terrible in a tough race and needs to improve on recent form.”