NZ METRO, Nov 29 & GERALDINE, Nov 30

J Scott The Inside Word

NZ METRO TC, Friday, November 29

Race 3: IS THIS LOVE (10, Kimberly Butt), mob. 1950m: “Went better at Motukarara but looking for luck from the draw.”

GERALDINE TC, Saturday, November 30

Race 9: FAIR DINKUM BROMAC (1, Regan Todd) & SAVEAPATROL (5, Blair Orange), fr, 2850m std: “Both seem fine. Fair Dinkum Bromac will find it tough in that grade.”

“Saveapatrol seems good since his Cup day run but just needs in a strong country cup race.”

TABCORP PK MENANGLE, Saturday, Nov. 30

Outside drive

Race 8: MACH BEAUTY (3, Mark Jones), mob. 1609m: “It was a great run last week. He got across pretty easy and would be as quick as I’ve driven out of gate. He puts himself in the race and is good enough to rate a good chance.”