NZ METRO TC, Friday, August 8

J Scott The Inside Word

NZ METRO TC, Friday, August 8

Race 3: ASTRAPI (8, Mark, 3, 10m) & KOWHAI SUNRISE (Blair, UR 1, 10m), 2600m std: “Astrapi would be an upset chance if he does things right.”

“Kowhai Sunrise is back to a stand start so just take on trust early. Hopefully Blair can get her away and be a chance.”

Race 5: ZAKSPATROL (5, Mark), mob. 1950m: “Its a tough race so looking for luck.”

Race 7: LADY MACKENDON (4, Kimberly), 2600m std: “Its a tough race for her so will need to do things right to run in the first four.”

Race 9: MACHS A FLYIN (5, Kimberly, 3, 10m) & FAIR DINKUM BROMAC (10, Blair, 4, 20m), 2600m std: “They’ve both been battling away but finding things hard in a tough grade. With the right luck, they could be upset place hopes.”

Outside drives

Race 4: DOCTOR McDREAMY (2), 2600m std: “An upset place show if we can stay handy.”

Race 6: FRANCO HEPBURN (12), mob. 1950m: “Looking for luck from the back row.”