NZ METRO TC, Friday, October 9

J Scott The Inside Word

NZ METRO TC, Friday, October 9

Race 1: DERRINGER (3, Blair Orange), mob. 1950m: “Step up in grade but he can’t read a race book. Will need luck.”

Race 5: MASTER LAVROS (9, Mark), 1, 20m, 2600m std: “Big ask off 20m and will need to do things right to be a hope.”

Race 10: FAIR DINKUM BROMAC (10, Sam Ottley), 5, 10m, 2600m std: “Good win last week but this is bit rich for him.”

Outside drive

Race 7: CHOISE ACHIEVER (3), 2600m std: “Being a former Hunter Cup winner you can never rule him out. Place value with the right luck.”