NZ METRO TC, Thursday, January 23

J Scott The Inside Word

NZ METRO TC, Thursday, January 23

Race 1: SUNOFLINDENNY (8), UR 1, 10m, 2600m std: “I’m very happy with Sunoflindenny and he should be hard to beat.”

Race 4: SMART CAESAR (1, Kimberly Butt) mob. 1950m: “He seems well but these junior events are always interesting races !.”

Race 5: MASTER LAVROS (10), 1, 30m, 2600m std: “I’m happy with where Master Lavros is at going into this week’s race and he should race good.”

Outside drives

Race 7: ART PLEASER (12), mob. 2600m: “He’s probably looking for luck in a good C1 field.”

Race 10: OHOKA JETT (6), mob. 2600m: “I don’t know much about him other than the trainer says he goes nice.”