J Scott The Inside Word

NZ METRO TC, Friday, March 24

Kowhai Monarch, has the outside front row draw but has conditions to suit at Addington on Friday night.

Race 1: CASTLEREAGH (2, Samantha Ottley) & MAJESTIC LAVROS (8, Mark), mob. 1950m: “Castlereagh will benefit from the run but if he does things right he is a definite top three chance.”

“Majestic Lavros is a nice horse in the making but still learning. Has drawn bad so take on trust.”

Race 3: KOWHAI MONARCH (9, Laura McKay), mob. 1950m: “Gets in a good race with junior concession. Even though its a good even field he’s a top three chance.”

Race 7: EYRE I COME (13, Samantha Ottley), UR 1, 30m, 2600m std: “Off hard handicap in a good field so will need luck.”

Race 10: THE BUS (4, Mark), mob. 1950m: “Had every chance at Invercargill and would need to improve a bit to be a chance in this field.”

Outside drive

Race 8: BAILEYS ROCK (9), mob. 1950m: “Racing good but has a tough draw.”

WAIRIO TC @ WINTON, Saturday, March 25

Race 9: DELIGHTFUL MEMPHIS (7, Blair Orange), mob. 1609m: “In a good race but has drawn a very good field but she seems good and should be very competitive.”

BANKS PENINSULA TC, Sunday, March 26

Race 9: AYMAR (9, Samantha Ottley), mob. 2000m: “Did things wrong last week and has been handed a terrible draw so will need luck.”

Race 12: ICE CRUSHER (14), mob. 2000m: “Better effort last week. Bad draw might be a good thing and an upset hope.”