NZ METRO TC, Wednesday, April 15

J Scott The Inside Word

NZ METRO TC, Wednesday, April 15
Race 4: SMOKE N FIRE (1, Michelle Neilson), mob. 1950m: “Is racing good and the draw helps but will need the right luck against the colts and geldings.”
Race 5: GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME (5, Kimberly Butt), mob. 1950m: “Racing strongly but needs the right luck in a good C3 field.”

Race 9: REKLAW SUPREME (12, Wayne Higgs), mob. 1950m: “He’s racing good but another looking for a little bit of luck. Place probably best from the back row.”

Race 10: ZAKSPATROL (3, Kimberly Butt), 2600m std: “He’s a funny horse to work out.  Upset place if he produces his best.”