NZ Prem. Yearling Sales first day details

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Burnham trainer Mark Jones took home a half-brother by top sire Bettor’s Delight to big-winning filly Secret Potion (p3, 1:57.5 m.r, 1950m) on the first day of the NZ Premier Yearling Sales in Christchurch on Wednesday, February 20.

Secret potion nev r fillies finalSecret Potion won 10 races including the Northern Oaks and Nevele R Fillies Final of her year for the Mark Purdon stable.

Mark Jones went to $34,000 for the colt brother to How Do Mate (13 wins, including nine in Australia) and half-brother to Yeah Baby (1:57.6h, US), the winner of three in NZ and a further 45 in North America.

Named Expresso Martini, the colt is from Putting On The Glitz, an unraced Walton Hanover half-sister to fast pacer Silver Lined Pocket (1:50.4, US, 11 Australasian wins & 25 North American wins).

He belongs to the same family as former top pacer Defoe (TT, 1;53.2, 20 wins including a Superstar4YO Championship and an Interdominion Heat).

The sales-topper on day one was $170,000 for Titanium, an Art Major colt from Asabella, sold to Sydney’s Emilo and Marie Rosati.


Asabella’s first three foals to race include West Australian star Ohoka’s Bondy (1:53.6, 22 wins), top-winning NZ filly Dancing Diamonds (p3, 1:57.8, nine wins for $343,276) and Code Red (p3, 1:58.1), the winner of six in NZ and now racing successfully in West Australia.


Day one, sales details, were:

1 Bold Ruler (br c Changeover-H Adour) B P & J A McIntyre, Invercargill, $19,000.

2 Hard Yakka (b c Skyvalley-Half A Sixpence), C J De Filippi (as agent), Christchurch, $20,000.

3 Big Boys Club (b c Grinfromeartoear-Harper Road), passed $7000 (res $12,000).    

4 Hangover (b c Changeover-Hawthorne), passed $27,000 (res $40,000).

5 Hank Bromac (b c American Ideal-Hayley Franco) passed $11,000 (res $20,000).
6 Classy Conrad (b c Bettor’s Delight-Helena Kilena), D J Baynes (as agent), Winton, $20,000.

7 Franco Huntington (b c Changeover-Heraldic Franco), passed $10,000 (res $15,000).

8 Girls Nite Out (br f Bettor’s Delight-Hide The Gold), Paul Ellis, Christchurch,  $3000.

9 Highview Tiger (b c Justa Tiger-Highview Miss), passed $10,000 (res $15,000).
10 Dance N Delight (b f Bettor’s Delight-Hurricane Dancer), P M & B A Williamson, Oamaru, $22,000.

11 Degas (b c Art Major-Idancedallnight), passed $19,000 (res $30,000).
12 Angelina (br f Bettor’s Delight-Imagine That), J Feiss, Australia, $32,000.

13 Crackabella (b f Bettor’s Delight-Impish), A J Grant, Christchurch, $27,000.

14 Idealindiamonds (b c American Ideal-Imprint), D Butt, Woodend, $32,500.

15 Pulling The Strings (b c Shadow Play-Holm’s Spirit), passed $9000 (res $15,000).
16 Circus Boy (blk c Majestic Son-Inda Cata), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $20,000.

17 Precious De Fence (b f Skyvalley-In De Fence), passed $7000 (res $10,000).

18 Franco Hammond (b c McArdle-Hunter Franco), passed $31,000 (res $40,000).
19 Abraham Jones (b c Southwind Vernon-Jani Franco), PGW (as agent), Christchurch, $18,000.

20 Errol Finn (b c Changeover-Jessica Vhea), MARK JONES, BURNHAM, $15,000.

21 Scott Higgi (br c Changeover-Jo El), withdrawn.
22 Festive Flyer (br c Falcon Seelster-Jubilee Franco), Brent Shirley, Invercargill, $9500.

23 Crazed Moment (br c Crazed-Juverna), J Dalgety, West Melton, $20,000.

24 Gunpowder (b c Bettor’s Delight-Holmes Town Girl), Ashdon Valley Racing, Australia, $14,000.

25 Kiwi Legend (b c Art Major-Kiwis Can Fly), R Holmes, Amberley, $25,000.

26 Franco Jadan (b c Lis Mara-Jazz Franco), R K & Mrs R G McCutcheon, Timaru, $17,000.

27 Bettor Dash (b f Bettor’s Delight-Inspiring Dash), passed $48,000 (res $50,000).

28 Rock Diva (b f Christian Cullen-Jingle Belle Rock), passed $16,000 (res $30,000).

29 Highview Illusion (b c Bettor’s Delight-Kurahaupo Illusion), passed $14,000 (res $25,000).

30 Phoenix Flyer (br c Western Ideal-Kurahaupo Legend), Bradley Mowbray, Christchurch, $12,000.

31 Lady Luxury (b f Bettor’s Delight-Lady Dancer), David Anderson, Australia, $40,000.

32 Artful Fern (b f Art Major-Lady Fern), passed $11,000 (res $20,000).
33 Ohoka Hall (b c Angus Hall-Landoras Special), R A & D J Smith, Gore, $127,500.

34 Joanne’s A Delight (br f Bettor’s Delight-Larissa Rose), N McGrath, West Melton, $52,000.

35 Mighty Regal (b c Stonebridge Regal-Kitty Cat Anvil), A G Herlihy, Papakura, $28,000.

36 Miss Lilac (b f Changeover-Lilac Franco), D Taylor, Christchurch, $13,000.

37 Pulp Fiction    (b c Art Major-Joys Underworld), A B & E A Steel, Gore, $22,000.

38 Tuapeka Glory (b c Art Major-Lillian), R Turner, Australia, $33,000.

39 The Best Beg (b c Love You-Lough Beg), Premier Stables, West Melton, $55,000.

40 Striking Gold (b c Bettor’s Delight-Love Isin The Air), Bryan Cousins, West Australia, $28,000.

41 Lollapalooza (b f Christian Cullen-Lucinda Midfrew), withdrawn.

42 The Manipulator (b c Panspacificflight-Luckisaladytonight), A G Herlihy, Papakura, $20,000.

43 The Cad (b c Changeover-Jesabele Franco), Ben Waldron, Ashburton, $20,000.

44 Lucky Three (b c Mach Three-Lucky Pocket), Shirley Plowman-Grant & Mervyn, Rangiora, $54,000.

45 Laramie Jones (br c Christian Cullen-Luscious Franco), Kim Prentice (as agent), West Australia, $31,000.

46 Lucky Kamwood (b f Live Or Die-Kamwood Smarty), Trevor Lindsay, Australia, $14,000.

47 I Try (b c Mach Three-Macy Gray), Whatever Syndicate, Middlemarch, $30,000.

48 Minichiello (br c Bettor’s Delight-Mamunia), passed $0.
49 Maverick (blk c Bettor’s Delight-Kate’s First), T McGrath S/bred, Australia, $45,000.

50 Marat Saf Finn (b c Santanna Blue Chip-Matavutu), D Taylor, Christchurch, $11,000.

51 Millenium Ideal (br f Western Ideal-Millenium Legend), Matt Saunders, Invercargill, $10,000.

52 Crocket’s Cullen (b c Christian Cullen-Let It Be), B Mangos, Pukekohe, $35,000.

53 Brads Kenny (b c Monarchy-One Under Kenny), Phil Williamson (as agent), Oamaru,  $26,000.

54 Delightful Jack (blk c Bettor’s Delight-Millwood Becqui), Brendon Hill (as agent), Kaiapoi, $33,000.

55 Millwood Malibu (b f Christian Cullen-Millwood Krystal), withdrawn.
56 Laurent (blk f Bettor’s Delight-Laurent Perrier), Gary Woodham, Porirua, $50,000.

57 Motu Major Decision (b c Art Major-Motu Living Doll), withdrawn.
58 Webb Ellis (blk c Changeover-Move It Molly), passed $11,000 (res $15,000).
59 Mighty Impact (b f Art Major-Make N Impact), Miss J A Nelson, Geraldine, $10,000.

60 Bubbly Babe (b f McArdle-Miss Bubbles), Matt Saunders, Invercargill, $21,000.

61 Franco Lennox (b c Badlands Hanover-Lucilla Franco), D Gale, Helensville, $10,000.

62 Art Exhibit (b f Art Major-Mywayorthehighway), M Shinn, West Melton, $22,000.

63 Just Like Mum (b f Art Major-Reality Check), Kim Prentice, West Australia, $31,000.

64 Paramount Dream (b f Pegasus Spur-Paramount Star), J W Dickie, Cambridge, $50,000.

65 Forever Pure (br f Christian Cullen-Maddison Lee), Tony Hanlin, Petone, $20,000.

66 Major Stare (b c Art Major-Nivea Franco), PGW (as agent), Christchurch, $66,000.

67 Whitney H (b f Changeover-Niftey Franco), NZ Stud Fee Funding, Australia, $23,000.

68 Onedin Onyx (b c Changeover-Onedin Dancer), withdrawn.
69 War Horse (b c Courage Under Fire-Nitouche Franco), passed $45,000 (res $50,000).
70 Curlimore (b c Christian Cullen-Nevermore), passed $97,500 (res $100,000).
71 President Under Fire (blk c Courage Under Fire-Presidential Rose), S L McCaffrey, Cambridge, $20,000.

72 MacFire (b f Mach Three-Sparks Under Fire), A Conte, Australia, $11,000.

73 Princess Arts (b f Art Major-Natal Franco), P Kerr, Kaiapoi, $37,000.

74 The Enforcer (br f  Skyvalley-Princess Della), passed $12,000 (res $37,000).
75 Star N Diamonds (b f Bettor’s Delight-Princess Of Diamonds), Shirley Plowman- Grant & Mervyn, Rangiora, $19,000.

76 Franco Naseby (b c Christian Cullen-Nature Franco), PGW (as agent), Christchurch, $45,000.

77 Lookofalegend (b c Bettor’s Delight-Soky’s Legend), S Thompson, Dunedin, $51,000.

78 Expresso Martini (b c Bettor’s Delight-Putting On The Glitz), MARK JONES, BURNHAM, $34,000.

79 L A Lady (b f Art Major-Raise Your Spirits), Kim Prentice, West Australia, $11,500.

80 Motu Living Legend (b c Art Major-Motu Racy Lady), passed $11,000 (res $20,000).

81 Brad Cullen (b c Bettor’s Delight-Rachel’s Cullen), passed $11,000 (res $20,000).
82 Arthur (b c Art Official-Ursula Bromac), passed $14,000 (res $20,000).
83 Lakeisha (b f Bettor’s Delight-Rafiki), G F & J G J Knight, Roxburgh, $27,500.

84 Louie Finn (b c Grinfromeartoear-Miss C S D), MARK JONES, BURNHAM, $11,000.

85 Millwood Martini (b f Bettor’s Delight-Millwood Minisota), Gary Elson, Australia, $40,000.

86 Bon Accord Art (b f Art Official-Rejoicing), Mary Corboy, Te Awamutu, $23,000.

87 Holy Grail (b c Courage Under Fire-Roanne), M Purdon, Rolleston, $34,000.

88 B D Jet (br c Crazed-Rosedorae), passed $10,000 (res $15,000).
89 Pretend (b c Santanna Blue Chip-Stage Talent), K J & Mrs M C Read, Ashburton, $25,000.

90 Arise (b c Santanna Blue Chip-Samantha Sunrise), Stephen Doody, Palmerston North, $8000.

91 Zen Warrior (br c McArdle-Zenola’s Princess), Brent Shirley, Invercargill, $12,000.

92 Mapua Gladiator (b c Christian Cullen-Ruby Bay), R J Dunn, Christchurch, $45,000.

93 Nicky Anew (b f Christian Cullen-Nicky’s Delight), Guy Waldron, Ashburton, $9000.

94 Minister Of Speed (b c Falcon Seelster-Salina Cruz), K T O Standardbreds, Rangiora, $22,000.

95 In Full Flight (b c Panspacificflight-Scherger Rein), J W Dickie, Cambridge, $17,000.

96 Green Machine (b c Gotta Go Cullen-So Green), withdrawn.
97 Archaha (b c Art Major-Shakeilah), Ross Gordon, Christchurch, $77,500.

98 Regal Ideal (b c American Ideal-Shards A Flyin), S Thompson, Dunedin, $52,000.

99 Motu Lady Cullen (b f Christian Cullen-Silksngems), Walmsley Developments Pty Ltd, Australia, $60,000.

100 Shards Echo (b f Changeover-Sly Shard), passed $40,000 (res $49,000).
101 Premier Grand Cru (b c Christian Cullen-Ascot Cam), Kirwee Syndicate, Christchurch, $40,000.

102 Bettor Think Twice (br f Bettor’s Delight-Rona Lorraine), Cran Dalgety, West Melton, $78,000.

103 Acapulco Sunrise (B f Santanna Blue Chip-Soleil D’or), R Holmes, Amberley, $10,000.

104 Fabuleux (b c Courage Under Fire-Stunning), passed $30,000 (res $40,000).
105 Millwood Brandy (b f Bettor’s Delight-Millwood Touche), OZ West, Australia, $32,000.

106 Dusky Son (b f Majestic Son-Tilthesungoesdown), passed $12,000 (res $15,000).    

107 October Rain (b f Pegasus Spur-Sun Mist), Gavin Smith, Kaiapoi, $10,000.

108 J R Kash (b c Monarchy-Sunny Yankee), Anthony Crossland, Australia, $26,000.

109 Diamond King (b c Stonebridge Regal-Ruby Wax), Rosehill Farm Ltd, Gore, $15,000.

110 Highview Sadler (b c Bettor’s Delight-Ta Jin), Loburn Ltd, Rangiora, $10,000.

111 Baileys Gold (br f Bettor’s Delight-Baileys Pearl), D Butt (as agent), Woodend, $35,000.

112 Franco Tudor (b c McArdle-Tarania Franco), Michael D Filleul, Australia, $22,000.

113 Tas Man Bromac (br c American Ideal-Tasmcmanian), Nathan Williamson, Invercargill, $34,000.

114 Galveston (b c Live Or Die-Time Again Franco), G F & J G J Knight, Roxburgh, $17,000.

115 Arden Caviar (b f Rocknroll Hanover-Winter Rose), withdrawn.
116 Dalliance (b c Real Desire-Tirol’s Sallance), Shane Matheson Ltd, Gore, $15,000.

117 Twice The Delight (br f Bettor’s Delight-Trelise), passed $16,000 (res $30,000).
118 Tuapeka Troy (b c Mach Three-Tuapeka Christa), Premier Stables, West Melton, $55,000.

119 The Odd Lover (b c Art Major-Under The Odds), Kim Prentice S/bred, West Australia, $35,000.

120 Three Dreams (b c Mach Three-Western Dream), passed $45,000 (res $60,000).

121 Van Dales Delight (b f Bettor’s Delight-Van Hope), Shane Nuttall, Christchurch, $16,000.

122 Baileys Wish (blk f Bettor’s Delight-Black Eyed Bailey), N McGrath, West Melton, $51,000.

123 Styx On (b f Art Major-Walk This Way), Loburn Ltd, Rangiora, $20,000.

124 Big Spending Telf (br c Changeover-Super Telf), Greg Payne, West Melton, $14,000.

125 Shedontloveme (b c Bettor’s Delight-Abbeys Babe), S Reid, Pukekohe, $53,000.

126 Arden’s Ruler (b c Bettor’s Delight-Achieve A Dream), E & M Stride, Australia, $100,000.

127 Midnight Rider (b f Changeover-After Midnight), passed $6000 (res $10,000).

128 Du Vella (b f Courage Under Fire-Alegria), Neale Donnelley, Melbourne, $25,000.

129 Spinnaker (b f Bettor’s Delight-Alinghi), passed $19,000 (res $27,000).
130 Texas Ruler (b c American Ideal-Civic Leader), B Hutton (as agent), Christchurch, $15,000.

131 Christian Grey (b c Christian Cullen-Annika Sorenstam), Wayne Adams, Invercargill, $15,000.

132 Roseofperfection (b f Live Or Die-Art Of Perfection), passed $17,000 (res $20,000).
133 Titanium (b c Art Major-Asabella), E & M Stride, Australia, $170,000.

134 Soldier (b c Bettor’s Delight-Atom Queen), S L McCaffrey, Cambridge, $28,000.

135 Della Rose (b f Bettor’s Delight-Badland’s Legend), Matt Saunders, Invercargill, $11,000.

136 Regalmahon (b c Stonebridge Regal-Ballymahon), A F H Hunter, Invercargill, $13,000.

137 Highview Freddy (b c Bettor’s Delight-Baptism Of Fire), I D Dobson, Christchurch, $122,000.

138 Tales Of The City (b c American Ideal-Barbary Lane), K M Barron, West Melton, $15,000.

139 Sluggem (b c Christian Cullen-Crushem), P I & G J Kennard B/stock, Christchurch, $56,000.

140 Beaudiene Boaz (b c Badlands Hanover-Beaudiene Babe), Ray Green (as agent), Kumeu, $62,000.

141 Great Things Happen (b c Love You-Calamity Gal), passed $27,500 (res $30,000).    

142 Baxter Jones (b c Gotta Go Cullen-Beauty Bee), passed $13,000 (res $22,000).
143 Rock And Roll Music (br c Changeover-Blackbird Fly), PGW (as agent), Christchurch, $19,000.

144 Brooke Finn (b f Christian Cullen-Brooklyn Dream), A G Herlihy, Papakura, $18,000.

145 Arden’s Rockstar (b f Rocknroll Hanover-Arden’s Darlin), R A Crooks, Invercargill, $53,000.

146 Crystal Bromac (br f American Ideal-Congo Breeze), passed $9000 (res $15,000).
147 Black Diamonds (b c Bettor’s Delight-Cantina), Kim Prentice, West Australia, $31,000.

148 Jay Dub (b c McArdle-Champagne Princess), L Driver, Amberley, $38,000.

149 Mach And Me (b c Mach Three-Delight Me), cancelled.
150 Franco Carisbrooke (b c McArdle-Cherish A Franco), withdrawn.
151 Watch The Dream (b f Bettor’s Delight-Dreamy Atom), M Purdon, Rolleston, $46,000.

152 Better Man (b c Bettor’s Delight-Child In Time), E & M Stride, & J Davies, Australia, $110,000.

153 Champagne Dreams (b f Art Major-Bethany), MARK JONES, BURNHAM, $19,000.

154 Better With Bourbon (b c Bettor’s Delight-Electric Lady), M Purdon, Rolleston, $74,000.

155 Beaudiene Blackbird (blk f Bettor’s Delight-Beaudiene Bianca), Greg Payne, West Melton, $28,000.

156 Barbara Doo    (blk f Bettor’s Delight-Conchita), PGW (as agent), Christchurch, $40,000.

157 Fight For Glory (b f Art Major-Breath Of Life), M Purdon, Rolleston, $20,000.

158 Titan Banner (b c Art Major-Corporate Banner), W M Muldrew & G J Anderson, Mosgiel, $80,000.

159 Quite A Delight (b f Bettor’s Delight-Cullen’s Creation), Kim Prentice, West Australia, $30,000.

160 Dreamy Styx (b f Art Major-Dreamy Anvil), Rayngold Pty Ltd, NSW, $22,000.

161 Dudinka’s Impact (b c Changeover-Dudinka), Greg Payne, West Melton, $15,000.

162 Du Wop Bromac (b f Falcon Seelster-Diana Bromac), John Howe, West Melton, $8000.

163 Major Overdrive (b f Art Major-Dontdrinkthendrive), Wibble Holdings Ltd, Rangiora, $23,000.

164 Love The Odds (b f Bettor’s Delight-Delizioso), McDonald Racing Ltd, Christchurch, $51,000.

165 One Direction (b c Christian Cullen-Dundee’s Dream), Te Moana Nui (2010) Ltd, Milton, $33,000.

166 Glenlea (blk f Christian Cullen-Glendowan), C & W R Nordqvist Farm Ltd, Ashburton, $12,500.

167 Galleons Conquest (br c Bettor’s Delight-Galleons Cheer), Westmere Farming Ltd Co. Ltd, Ashburton, $30,000.

168 Young American (b c American Ideal-Edernay), Greg Payne, West Melton, $22,000.

169 Secret Status (b f Art Major-Ednalea), W M Muldrew & G J Anderson, Mosgiel, $19,000.

170 She Smiles (b f Grinfromeartoear-Elsurah), G R Smith, Timaru, $8000.

171 Buscemi (br c Christian Cullen-Enchanter Franco), R Jenkins, West Melton, $42,000.

172 Mach Webber (b c Mach Three-Falcon’s Guest), Gary Elson, Australia, $23,000.

173 Fearce Falcon (b c Falcon Seelster-Fearless Freda),  P I & G J Kennard B/stock, Christchurch, $18,000.

174 Mighty Flying Major (b c Art Major-Fleet’s Pocket),  S Thompson, Dunedin , $67,500.

175 One Up Kenny (b f Pegasus Spur-Frances Jay Bee), passed $24,000 (res $25,000).    

176 Slick Styx (b c Mach Three-Free As A Bird), Gary Elson, Australia, $14,000.

177 Frankie Fredericks (b c Bettor’s Delight-Gail Devers), Premier Stables, West Melton, $30,000.

78 A J Galleon (b c Santanna Blue Chip-Galleons Respect), passed $14,000 (res $15,000).
179 Sundon Miss (b f Sundon-Geena Hest), E & M Stride, Australia, $22,000.

180 Dissolution (br c Real Desire-Gemside), D J McLeish, Otautau, $7000.

181 Moves Like Jagger (b c Live Or Die-Good Looking Woman), Robert J Paterson, Rangiora, $22,000.

182 Pat The Monarch (b g Monarchy-Go Pat), B Hutton, Christchurch, $15,000.

183 Classielea (b c Christian Cullen-Gowanlea),  N McGrath, West Melton, 31,000.