Paintlab 4 Jonty NZ Trotting Derby

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Addington is proud to announce that harness racing enthusiasts Nigel and Brenda Armstrong, of Paintlab Hornby, are the new business partner for the Group One $80,000 New Zealand Trotting Derby Race to be run on Friday, April 8.

What is unbelievable about this sponsorship is Nigel and Brenda are gifting naming rights to this prestigious race to support the gorgeous 3-year-old Jonty Smolenski, who has a rare genetic syndrome called Trichothiodystrophy.

The official name of the race will be Paintlab Racing 4 Jonty New Zealand Trotting Derby.

Nigel commented: “We have known the Smolenski Family for many years through our love of harness racing and Brenda and I wish to support Jonty as much as possible as he needs to fly to Washington DC in July for treatment, so putting our sponsored race towards helping Jonty was a no brainer.

“A logo has been designed in Jonty’s honour and will appear on all of our colours. Also for every horse of ours that wins, 2.5% of the stake will go towards helping Jonty.”

Addington is supporting the Smolenski’s by making their charity of choice for the months of April and May ‘Jonty’s Journey’.

This was obviously meant to be as wee Jonty’s birthday is the 18 May.

Addington has also bought a table at the fundraising dinner on Saturday, April 2, that will be hosted by Steve Hansen and Bondy from More FM at the Hornby Working Men’s Club.

I am sure everyone reading this release will agree that Nigel and Brenda Armstrong have extremely kind hearts.

Courtesy of Keryn McElroy,
Business & Marketing Manager,