WESTPORT TC, Saturday, Dec. 28

J Scott The Inside Word

WESTPORT TC, Saturday, December  28

Race 5: SMART CAESAR (8), mob. 2600m: “Didn’t step from the stand on Thursday but put in a big recovery, so he’s in a mobile for the second day. Should be hard to beat.”

Outside drives

Race 2: BEST BONES (7), 2600m std: “Battled Thursday. Needs to lift.”

Race 4: SUNRISE INVASION (4), 2600m std: “Another who battled the first day. Needs luck.”

Race 6: JOHNNY MICK (2), mob. 2600m: “Worked and tired the first day. Could be an upset place chance from the mobile drawn good.”

Race 8: JOHNNY MICK (5), UR 1, 2600m std: “Second chance for the day but take on trust from the stand start.”

Race 10: WILL HE RULE (4), 2000m std: “He’s upset on grass tracks before but would need to improve on his first day run.”