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R1: RUTHLESS SUCCESS (fr, 7, 1950m mobile) Laura McKay -“She is ticking along well and finds a nice race here. Hopefully she puts her best foot forward and may well back up at Rangiora on Sunday, that’s the intention.”

R2: SI SI SENOR (fr, 5, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“He was beatenĀ  by a couple of nice ones last week. I think he might be a bit sharper in behind at this stage, he is still learning and a bit raw. But on ability easily good enough to win his maiden.”

R3: MICHELLE (fr, 1, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“Quite pleased with her last week, even though she had a late gallop. I think we’re making some good progress with her. The mobile start may help, though the way she’s been beginning I’d have preferred a stand. It is just so tough to find the right races for these trotters.”

R4: THE BUS (fr, 6, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“Good to get the maiden win with him down south. I’m not sure I have him dead right just yet and maybe he’ll be a better horse next campaign. He should be competitive in this race with Hail Christian looking the obvious one.”

R6: GLENFERRIE CLASSIC (fr, 5, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“A drop back from the big one last week. Hard to find the right races for her she is in a difficult grade now. Hopefully she can get out and get a spot and she should be running on at the finish.”

R7: EYRE I COME (Ur, 30m, 2600m stand) Blair Orange -“I was pretty pleased with him at the trials, he did all we asked of him. Still a bit short of race fitness obviously, but he’s gone well fresh before so I’m interested to see how he goes.”

R8: JOEY MAGUIRE (fr, 4, 2600m stand) Laura McKay -“Really pleased with him last week, it seems he should have a good chance the way he’s racing at the moment. A tricky little race and the way they all begin and where they settle could tell the tale here. Good eachway chance.”

R9: MANINTHEMIRROR (fr, 3, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“He’s been going OK in better maiden fields than this and should put his hand up this week. Would be nice to grab the win at Addington and tee him up for the multiplier bonus. This looks a solid chance for him to break through.”


R2: FANCY WOMAN (fr, 1, 2600m stand) Sam Ottley -“A nice filly on debut. Inexperience may count against her but I expect her to go a good race if she can step well from one. A filly to follow this season.”

R5: ELEGANT AS (fr,1, 2600m stand, Ricky May) & LETS HUSTLE (fr, 11, Sam Ottley) -“Elegant As is one that should improve a bit more, going fairly at the trials and a chance to place. Lets Hustle has been trialling quite well and he should be in this with a bit of luck.”

R6: RUTHLESS SUCCESS (fr, 9, 2600m stand) Laura McKay -“She will back up all going well through the Addington race.”

Eyre I Come, resumes at Addington.

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