Benny hopeful of success today

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Four runners again at Nelson, all on the back-up from Friday, and Benny believes possible success rests with two very good chances.


RACE 1 MELODY’S MISCHIEF (4, fr. 1609m mob) Blair Orange -“She went a good race Friday, we were pleased with her. Just outsprinted that final bit. Hoping she’ll back up good today and should be hard to beat.” (Benny)

RACE 6 ROCKAHULA JOE (7, fr. 1609m mob) Sam Ottley -“Had his chance in front Friday, well driven and every show. Thought he should have run third, not sixth. We’ll drive colder today and see how he goes.” (Benny)

RACE 7 MICHELLE (10, U1, fr. 2400m stand) Wayne Higgs -“Disappointing the first day and she’s one probably heading for a change of scenery soon.” (Benny)

RACE 9 SHADOW PHANTASY (6, fr. 1609m stand) Sam Ottley -“Really good the first day. Will have to step and go (from a mile stand start), but if he does a top-three must.” (Benny)

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  1. I notice that the last update (how stable is going) was
    12 January 2020.

    I used to look forward to learning this information and wondering whether you intend to provide this information in the future

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