BURNHAM BOY looks for double at Roxburgh

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We ride for Ricky again today at Roxburgh.

Burnham Boy (Sam Ottley) wins first-up at Gore


RACE 5 YUKO (2, fr. 2180m mob) Sam Ottley -“Wide for the last 700m at Winton and she stuck well. From the draw a chance if she can get the right run.” (Mark)

RACE 8 SHE’S A DAGG (4, fr. 2180m mob) Sam Ottley, and BURNHAM BOY (9) Mark Jones -“She’s A Dagg was really good winning for Ricky at Winton but has to take quite a step forward here. Top three we’d be thrilled. Burnham Boy showed his best at Winton and I’m hopeful again, thinking Just Wondering will take some beating.” (Mark)

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