Small team for the weekend

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RACE 8 SAY YOUR PRES (6, fr. 2400m stand) Mark Jones -“She was a bit unlucky to get that early check at Forbury otherwise I think we’d have been right in it. Things have to go her way a little bit given her manners are still a work in progress, but she is good enough.”


RACE 1 RUTHLESS SUCCESS (13, fr. 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“She is racing well, unlucky at Kaikoura and then did the job well at Forbury. A much tougher task here and she did need to draw better. Will run home better than most, though.”

RACE 5 MANINTHEMIRROR (13, fr. 2600 mobile) Sam Ottley -“He finally broke throuhg the other day and it was ghood to get the win. This is possibly the one chance he will get to race for 30 grand. It’s a tough task from 13, and up in class probably a rough place chance.”

RACE 12 JOEY MAGUIRE (6, fr. 2600 mobile) Sam Ottley -“He’s going well, a good run last start, but he does meet a quality field here and will battling away to run a place against Sires Stakes horses.”

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