Team busy over weekend and Xmas

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RACE 1 FANCY WOMAN (5, fr. 2200m stand) Mark Jones -“She’s a good chance if she can step away well. That’s the key. Hoping for a good run.”

RACE 3 SHEEZA SPORT (1, fr. 2200m mobile) Mark Jones -“She probably hasn’t come back as well as I’d hoped from two-to-three. But we get a good draw and she has a chance from there.”

RACE 4 ELIANNA FRANCO (1, fr. 2700m stand) Mark Jones -“I think she has improved a bit with the first run and if she can step well from one, which can be a tricky draw, she should be right in the finish.”


RACE 2 TRES VITE (12, fr. 1950m mobile) Mark Jones -“Unlucky first up and pleased with her. The draw won’t help the cause but she has to be in with a good show if the luck in running goes our way.”

RACE 5 SI SI SENOR (5, fr. 2000m stand) Mark Jones -“He’s just not quite hitting the line as I’d like but I think that will come. Stepping well over 2000m is crucial here, if he does we are in play.”

RACE 7 THE BUS (1, fr. 2600m stand) Mark Jones -“I was pleased with his trial, I thought he went pretty good. On the way up again and I think he’s a good eachway chance with a nice beginning.”

RACE 9 MICHELLE (2, fr. 2600m stand) Sam Ottley -“Rather happy with her run fresh up and if she can begin well and get trotting I think she could give that field somewthing to think about.”

RACE 9 LAVROS TEXAS (3, 10m 2600m stand) Amber Lethaby -“A good solid improvers run from him at Rangiora, a good result. He will improve and worth sticking to over the next few weeks. Chance again here.”


RACE 2 IMMORTAL CHANGE (13, fr. 2400m stand) Sam Ottley -” A good run first up. Not a good draw here and some work to do on this track. Will need some luck but a place chance again.”

RACE 5 BELLE OF BROOKLYN (3, fr. 2400m mobile) Sam Ottley -“She’s racing pretty well. A better draw here and if we can use it then she has an eachway or place chanc ein that field.”


RACE 3 MANINTHEMIRROR (16, fr. 2000m stand) Sam Ottley -“I thought he’d be a bit of a show over there but our first day draw is not great. Keep him in the mix on the circuit, he should get a cheque along the way.”

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