Bettor to fire

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ADDINGTON, JUNE 25 Race 3: BETTOR UNDER FIRE (10, Sam Ottley) stand. 2600m: “He’s racing well. He’ll need to step good from out wide but he looks to have a pretty good show there if he can. He may go out after this. I’d like to spell him and have him back up again next season as he will do a nice job.”


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MANINTHEMIRROR (Race 3, 1950m mob, Sam Ottley) “He’s back because the handicapping system should suit him rated a 44 non-winner. But the clubs continue to combine all the maidens together. He should be in a 40-47 or 40-48, but the bandwiths are too wide. It’s shocking how this keeps happening, and this horse will be a victim of it this week.”


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FORBURY PARK TC, Thursday, June 1 Race 2: SPOOKY (2, Samantha Ottley), 2200m std: “No luck fresh up but gets in a winnable race.” Race 6: BETTOR UNDER FIRE (5, Laura McKay), mob. 2200m: “Good fresh up run and with luck is a winning hope.” Race 11: POMME ROY (8, Samantha Ottley), mob. 2200m: “A 1:55 mile rate found him out fresh-up last week but he will need luck from the draw.” ASHBURTON TC, Saturday, June 3   Race 2: CASTLEREAGH (11, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1609m: “Hoping for no bad luck and has freshened up good.”   Race 3: GLENFERRIE …


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NZ METRO TC, Friday, May 26 Race 2: SPOOKY (6, Wayne Higgs) & BETTOR UNDER FIRE (13, Laura McKay),  mob. 1950m: “Spooky ran an improved trial on Monday and each-way chance.” “Bettor Under Fire is fresh up. He’s been bit crook so hopefully over it and will need luck.” INVERCARGILL HRC, Saturday, May 27 Race 1: POMME ROY (7, Blair Orange), mob. 1700m: “He gets in the right race to start off. He’s completely sound and just had a wind op previously. He seems good but has been off the track for a long time so will improve with run.” …

NZ METRO TC, Friday, May 19

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NZ METRO TC, Friday, May 19 Race 4: WHITTAKER (SCR).   Race 5: CASTLEREAGH (7, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1950m: “Drawn bad and will need luck but providing he does things right he’s an each-way chance.”   Race 9: MAJOR LUCKY (9, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1950m: “Needing luck but we know he can’t threaten the favs.”   Race 11: DELIGHTFUL MEMPHIS (SCR).   Race 12: GLENFERRIE CLASSIC (10, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1950m: “Drawn to need luck.”


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NZ METRO TC, Friday, May 12 Race 8: DELIGHTFUL MEMPHIS (10, Blair Orange), mob. 1950m: “Gets an ideal draw to fill a top three placing again.” Race 10: MAJOR LUCKY (12, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1950m: “Will need luck from a bad draw and is a notch below the top ones.” Race 11: WHITTAKER (9, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1950m: “Has drawn bad but gets a nice race and an each-way chance.” Outside drive Race 4: BUSHIDO (4), mob. 2600m: “Will be tougher up in grade but won well last week. Hopefully he’ll handle it.” WINTON HRC, Saturday, May 13     …

FORBURY PARK TC, Thursday, May 11

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FORBURY PARK TC, Thursday, May 11 Race 8: KOWHAI WHIZ (9, Craig Ferguson), 1, 40m, 2700m std: “He didn’t trot as good as he can last week at Addington but its a good race for him to find some form down there.”


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NZ METRO TC, Friday, May 5   Race 6: KOWHAI WHIZ (5, Samantha Ottley), 2, 30m, 2600m std: “With only seven in it, its as good a race for him as we can find for him at Addington. Hopefully he can improve on Sunday’s run at Invercargill.”   Outside drive   Race 2: LANIKAI (8), mob. 2600m: “Racing good and has the highest rating (65) in the race so should be hard to beat.” RANGIORA HRC, Sunday, May 7 Race 3: SPOOKY (10, Wayne Higgs), mob. 2000m: “Hasn’t raced since January and fresh-up without a workout so looking for luck.” …


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TIMARU HRC @ ADDINGTON, Thursday, April 27 Race 1: BELLE OF BROOKLYN (1, Samantha Ottley), mob. 1950m: “Has been making mistakes, which isn’t like her, but I think she should be running third in this.” Outside drives Race 4: BUSHIDO (3), mob. 1950m: “Knocked over last start and a big winning chance.” Race 8: ARTICULIGHT (13), mob. 1950m: “Not racing as good as he can but on his day can beat this field.” AUCKLAND TC, Friday, April 28 Race 8: EYRE I COME (17, Brent Mangos), UR 3, 3200m std: “Is racing super. Its an even race and a winning …