Wednesday night opener for Whittaker

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Whittaker runs at Bathurst Wednesday night

Whittaker will have his first Australian start for Mark in Wednesday night’s Bedwells Feedbarn Star Trek Heat 1 at Bathurst, NSW.

After a bold third at Addington a fortnight ago, he was sent to Mark’s Sydney stable to continue his promising career under the guidance of leading NSW horsewoman, Ashlee Grives.

Form Horse Trainer Other Eng. Driver Class Hcp
1 34346 CRAFTY CULLEN NZ Amanda Turnbull Amanda Turnbull A J Turnbull C0 M0 FR1 $1.60
2 s1213 LOORRIM CREEK Stephen Maguire Stephen Maguire S M Maguire C1 M0 FR2 $10.00
3 30s13 WHITTAKER NZ Mark Jones Ashlee Grives A M Grives C1 M0 FR3 $3.75
4 11512 ZARAS CHOICE Steve Turnbull Mitch Turnbull (C,cl) M B Turnbull C3 M0 FR4 $8.00
5 65926 TAYLOR KHAN Brian Lynch Brian Lynch B J Lynch C1 M0 FR5 $201.00
6 40361 WHAT A JOLT Lester Hewitt John O’Shea J T O’Shea C1 M0 FR6 $26.00
7 4s655 BOYZINBLUE Steve Jones Glenn McElhinney G W McElhinney C2 M0 FR7 $51.00
8 413s1 BERTIE FRANCIS Mike Watson Amy Rees (C,cl) A L Rees C3 M0 FR8 $101.00
 —————————— Second Row ——————————
9 96950 TIM MCGEE Tony Hagney Trent Rue T G Rue C2 M0 SR1 $51.00
10 11685 HEZ RAZOR SHARP Bernie Hewitt Douglas Hewitt (C,cl) D P Hewitt C3 M0 SR2 $34.00
11 43227 SPARE THE PRICE Chris Frisby Anthony Frisby A C Frisby C3 M0 SR3 $26.00
12 210s7 SONNY STUDLEIGH Leigh Davis Jake Davis (C,cl) J R Davis C3 M0 SR4 $101.00

Whittaker leads stable charge

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R1 JOEY MAGUIRE (9, fr. 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“Really pleased with him last week, he ran on strongly. We go back in class but out in draw here. He meets some nice ones and will need luck, but a blowout chance.”

R3 RUTHLESS SUCCESS (3, fr. 1950m mobile) Laura McKay, and SAY YOUR PRES (7, fr.) Mark Jones -“Ruthless Success did a wee bit to lead and was run over last time. She’s probably better with a nice bit of cover and running on. An eachway chance. So is SAY YOUR PRES, if she does things right then she’s capable but must get it right.”

R5 MANINTHEMIRROR (12, fr. 2600m mobile) Sam Ottley -“He strikes a very handy field and will need a bit of luck from the draw. He should win his maiden at some stage, but a tough task this time, I think”

R7 WHITTAKER (8, fr. 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“Very pleased with him first up. We dodged the race last week to look after his rating and this is his option. Wide draw a concern against some quick ones drawn inside. The tempo through the middle of the race may decide our fate. Going good enough to win, no doubt.”

R9 GLENFERRIE CLASSIC (8, fr, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“She disappointed me at Invercargill. I thought she would go better. Hoping for some luck from the draw this week and a better performance.”

Winning combination, Sam Ottley and Overport Lodge trainer, Mark Jones.

Whittaker out, back next week

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A $20,000 race win may only hinder rather than prosper the future development of quality pacer Whittaker, thus his withdrawal from Addington on Friday night.

So mindful of having the horse in the right grade as he prepares for an Australian campaign, trainer Mark Jones, and owner Greg Brodie, who lives on the Gold Coast, have decided to pull the pin and wait for a lesser race instead.

“It’s simple, really. Once Greg and I discussed it this week we decided winning a $20,000 race and getting $10,000 for winning it would work against what we are trying to achieve.

“He (Whittaker) would be penalised quite severely winning a 20k race here within the Australian system, ruin our metropolitan and country ratings (in Australia),” said Mark.

“The idea is to run him in a series in Bathurst (NSW) starting October 25, and winning here this week would ruin those plans. So we’ll wait, go next week for less money, which is bloody stupid, but you really can’t win certain races that impact on you down the track.”

Whittaker can not win a race worth more than $15,000 or his Australian rating will change from a basic maiden to a metropolitan rated horse and severely impact his winning options in the lower grades. Stu Bailey

Whittaker, scratched Friday night and off to Aussie soon.


Trip to Invers for Mark

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R3 RUTHLESS SUCCESS (5, fr. 2600m stand) Sam Ottley; and SAY YOUR PRES (8, fr.) Colin DeFilippi

“Ruthless Success is going well and she tries so hard so filling a place again in this good race would be great. Say Your Pres has more ability of the two but her manners are not as good yet. A talented mare and I was pleased with her Methven trial. Colin will jump on and he should suit her.”


R3 BELLE OF BROOKLYN (13, fr. 1700m mobile) Mark Jones -“She’s come up nicely this time in. A bit disappointing not to get a better draw but if they roll along a bit she will running home strongly. An eachway chance if we get some luck.”

R4 SI SI SENOR (3, fr. 2200m mobile) Sam Ottley -“Probably my best chance on the day. He’s possibly going to be gelded soon, I’m hoping he can put his best foot forward this week and then we may go ahead with that. If he performs to his best he should win this.”

R9 THE BUS (8, fr. 2200m mobile) Sam Ottley -“Good to see him find winning form again last start. He meets a quality field here and if he was to win this then I’d be very happy. If he goes another good one and finishes top three then job done.”

R10 GLENFERRIE CLASSIC (3, 20m. 2700m stand) Sam Ottley -“I’m quite pleased with her. She seems bright and in the right race if she can make a good beginning. Wary of The Manipulator given his ability, but we should go well here if she performs like I hope she can.”

Glenferrie Classic. A good eachway chance at Ascot Park.

The Bus leads Mark’s Addington charge

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ADDINGTON, Friday Sept 29

R2 – RUTHLESS SUCCESS (15, fr. 2600m stand) Laura McKay – “She has been racing pretty honestly as suaul. Would have been nice to get a front row draw with her in this race and the back row does make it tougher. She will run on better than most.”

R4 – JOEY MAGUIRE (11, fr. 2600m mobile) Laura McKay – “He’s been going really good races. A draw would have helped, but in a juniors race quite often a poor draw can become a good one so we’ll take our luck. Capable of finishing top three with the right run.”

R7 – WHITTAKER (1, fr. 2600m stand) Sam Ottley -“It’s good to have him back, no in a ideal race under the ratings but nice to have him on track again. His two trials have been pleasing and I expect a good run without being able to say he can beat these tougher older types.”

R8 – MANINTHEMIRROR (8, fr. 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“He’s going really well but up against a stronger maiden field this week and he may well be tested, especially given the wider draw. Hoping for some luck to finish top four there.”

R9 – MICHELLE (U3, fr. 2600m stand) Sam Ottley -“Undoubtedly she has the talent. I’m perhaps just not quite as happy leading into this one and she can have a wee break after this race. If she trots all the way we know she’s good enough to trouble them.”

R10 – THE BUS (8, fr. 2000m stand) Sam Ottley -“He looks our best chance on the night to win if he can step well in his first standing start race. I expect him to go away. He is racing well and should win another soon, maybe this week.”

Sam Ottley will team up with the Jones team again in these colours (Whittaker) 

Whittaker back, Eyre I Come to Auckland

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The very talented Whittaker will resume at Addington on Friday night, the first run of the new season for the son of Sportswriter.

The three-win pacer is the veteran of just 10 starts, and after the odd minor issue along the way, trainer Mark Jones is confident the now-four-year-old is ready to stand up.

Whittaker, resumes at Addington Friday night

Whittaker brilliantly took out a winning double in Southland at the beginning of the year and looked on track for the Derbies, but things didn’t go altogether as planned and he finished his  season with a 10th at Addington back in May.

“I’m pleased with how he’s come up. He has had two trials and seems good,” said Jones.

“He looks way better and to be honest I wasn’t happy with him last season. He seems a lot better now.

“But he’s in a tough grade. Look at the field this week, a number of them are nearly free-for-all sort of horses.”

After a good winter build-up, Jones is strongly considering mapping out an Australian campaign for the Queensland-owned pacer, his desire to build on his earlier plan to have a base at Menangle coming closer to fruition, and he is likely to ‘work in with’ fellow trainer Tim Butt in a 20-horse barn at Sydney’s metropolitan track.

“Whittaker will go to Menangle. Probably win one here and go. After all, he is a maiden over there and for a horse that has won only three races, slaughtered by the handicapping here.

“Horses like The Bus (one win) will also head that way eventually.”

Meanwhile, star trotter Eyre I Come, a Group one winner last season in the NZ Trotting Championship at Addington, has been sent north to Bernie Hackett and Michelle Wallis for an Auckland campaign, beginning this Friday in a $17,000 sprint over 1700m.

“He’s better up there, handicaps a bit fairer, and the racing suits him,” said Mark.

“I could sit and wait for Cup time in Canterbury, but even the Kaikoura race would see him off 15 metres. If he’s going good at Auckland he could come home for the Dominion, if not, he can stay up there and race.” Stu Bailey



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R1: RUTHLESS SUCCESS (fr, 7, 1950m mobile) Laura McKay -“She is ticking along well and finds a nice race here. Hopefully she puts her best foot forward and may well back up at Rangiora on Sunday, that’s the intention.”

R2: SI SI SENOR (fr, 5, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“He was beaten  by a couple of nice ones last week. I think he might be a bit sharper in behind at this stage, he is still learning and a bit raw. But on ability easily good enough to win his maiden.”

R3: MICHELLE (fr, 1, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“Quite pleased with her last week, even though she had a late gallop. I think we’re making some good progress with her. The mobile start may help, though the way she’s been beginning I’d have preferred a stand. It is just so tough to find the right races for these trotters.”

R4: THE BUS (fr, 6, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“Good to get the maiden win with him down south. I’m not sure I have him dead right just yet and maybe he’ll be a better horse next campaign. He should be competitive in this race with Hail Christian looking the obvious one.”

R6: GLENFERRIE CLASSIC (fr, 5, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“A drop back from the big one last week. Hard to find the right races for her she is in a difficult grade now. Hopefully she can get out and get a spot and she should be running on at the finish.”

R7: EYRE I COME (Ur, 30m, 2600m stand) Blair Orange -“I was pretty pleased with him at the trials, he did all we asked of him. Still a bit short of race fitness obviously, but he’s gone well fresh before so I’m interested to see how he goes.”

R8: JOEY MAGUIRE (fr, 4, 2600m stand) Laura McKay -“Really pleased with him last week, it seems he should have a good chance the way he’s racing at the moment. A tricky little race and the way they all begin and where they settle could tell the tale here. Good eachway chance.”

R9: MANINTHEMIRROR (fr, 3, 1950m mobile) Sam Ottley -“He’s been going OK in better maiden fields than this and should put his hand up this week. Would be nice to grab the win at Addington and tee him up for the multiplier bonus. This looks a solid chance for him to break through.”


R2: FANCY WOMAN (fr, 1, 2600m stand) Sam Ottley -“A nice filly on debut. Inexperience may count against her but I expect her to go a good race if she can step well from one. A filly to follow this season.”

R5: ELEGANT AS (fr,1, 2600m stand, Ricky May) & LETS HUSTLE (fr, 11, Sam Ottley) -“Elegant As is one that should improve a bit more, going fairly at the trials and a chance to place. Lets Hustle has been trialling quite well and he should be in this with a bit of luck.”

R6: RUTHLESS SUCCESS (fr, 9, 2600m stand) Laura McKay -“She will back up all going well through the Addington race.”

Eyre I Come, resumes at Addington.


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R2: MICHELLE (fr. Ur.) 2600m stand, Sam Ottley -“Good to see her show what she can do last start, a bit of a surprise, but a welcome one. It’ll be tricky with barriers up behind her this time and to be honest this field is far from ideal the way it has been rated.”


R3: SI SI SENOR (fr,1) 1950m mobile, Sam Ottley -“Nowhere near his best last start and hopefully we have been able to improve him from that disappointment, I know he is a lot better than that. Gets his chance from the one draw this week and I expect him to go well.”


R5: MANINTHEMIRROR (fr,6) 2600m mobile, Sam Ottley -“He ran on when others were stopping last time to get some money. He should be able to finish top four again here but he needs that right run.”


R7: GLENFERRIE CLASSIC (fr, 1) 2600m stand, Blair Orange -“A tall order against one or two here but I thought I’d help the club out and put her in. She seems to go some of her better races from the standing starts so hopefully she can begin well and be running on at the finish.”


R8: JOEY MAGUIRE (fr,2) 1950m mobile, Laura McKay -“He’s actually racing pretty well. He seems to suit being covered up and running on later in his races and from gate two hopefully he can maintain handy spot and be there to strike.”

Glenferrie Classic. winner of the Alabar Cromwell Cup in January.


J Scott The Inside Word

NZ METRO TC, Friday, July 28

Race 3: SAY YOUR PRES (5, Mark), mob 1950m: “Coming in fresh but has had a run at the workouts. With the right luck, she could place.”

Outside drives

Race 5: JODY DIREEN (12), mob. 2600m: “Racing good and a first four show.”

Race 6: SCOTLYNN MACH (10), mob. 2600m: “Has been going ok but looking for luck in a competitive field.”

Race 7: SCOTLYNN JUSTIS (1), mob. 1950m: “Looking for all favours from the good draw.”

Race 9: CULLENMORE (3), mob. 2600m: “Showed some early promise for Mark Purdon so could be an upset chance fresh.”


OAMARU HRC, Sunday, July 30

Race 6: ROCKNROLL NEVIN (6, Samantha Ottley), mob. 2000m: “Bit of a surprise to see her beat Indiana Dreaming in a Breeders Heat two starts ago. Is in the right race and a good each-way chance.”

Race 9: SPOOKY (4, Laura McKay) & JOEY MAGUIRE (5), 2600m std: “Spooky was rather impressive last week. This looks within his range too if he races in the same form.

“Joey Maguire is racing quite well and only needs the right luck to be thereabouts.”

Delightful Memphis spelling

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Class filly Delightful Memphis has ended her season and is in Sydney spelling, a well deserved one after two very big seasons at two-and-three.

Her three-year-old season culiminated in a fourth placing in last Saturday night’s Queensland Oaks, and she headed south afterward with New South Wales horseman Aaron Goadsby to spell alongside his own filly, Takara Truffle.

Betty strides out during her Queensland preparation

“Aaron has all the facilties, great paddocks, and she will do well there,” said Mark.

“The plan is to give her good break, two-to-three-months, and then bring her back to race at Menangle, picking out the races in Aussie for the good mares.

“We can’t be disappointed in her at Albion Park. It has been a big two seasons for her and I guess I felt she may have been coming towards the end of a tough campaign the last week or so.

“But she has done us all proud. Has never run a poor race in her lifetime, and those horses are very hard to find.”

Jones has broken in a full-brother to Delightful Memphis, and he does like the rising two-year-old by Bettor’s Delight, owned by breeder Wayne Higgs, who is the majority shareholder in Delightful Memphis.

“He’s done what has been asked of him so far, is a nice colt on type and at this stage, always too early to really know, he seems to be at a good level.”

Higgs has a full-sister to Delightful Memphis in the paddock, recently weaned from his good breeder, Memphis Melody. Also the dam of former good pacer Harley Earl, she is in foal to Bettor’s Delight again, and will either return to him again in the spring, or possibly to Art Major.

Bettor Under Fire, a strong maiden winner at Addington recently, has been sold to Australian interests and will do his future racing abroad.

He was also part-owned by Higgs, along with Dr Kim Lawson and her husband, Christchurch accountant Hamish Scott.

Stu Bailey